Greene County, Arkansas ~ E. S. Bray vs Lizzie Grooms

Greene County, Arkansas
(This came from the Abstracts we got when we bought our home. SH)

In The Greene County Circuit Court, Chancery Side Thereof, September Term, Sept. 21, 1895

Chancery Record No. 4, page 128.

E. S. Bray, et al, Plaintiffs                                           )
                 VS                                                                     )           Degree Quieting Title         
Lizzie Grooms, et al, Defendants                             ) 

Abstract of the Decree Rendered.

      On this day the plaintiff appeared by their respective attorneys, and defendants, Lizzie Grooms, Jennie Hamil, John Thomas, William Portia and Allie Grooms, ~ the last four named being minors, having been summoned appending to law, more than thirty days before this hearing, the said Lizzie Grooms, Jennie Hamil and John Grooms came not but made default, this cause comes on to be heard on the complaint, the report of M. F. Collier, Guardian ad litem for all the minors defendants above named.

      The court finds that Cornelius Terrett, in 1860, entered the NW 1/4 of Section 6 TWP 16 North Range 6 East, from the State of Arkansas, that in 1870, said Cornelius Terrett, under the name of Neil Terrett, conveyed said land to M. A. Grooms and wife Lizzie Grooms, and that in the year 1895, a patent was duly issued from, the state to the heirs and legal representatives of Cornelius Terrett. "That the said M. A. Grooms and wife, Lizzie Grooms, by their Warranty Deed, duly executed, acknowledge and delivered, him the possession thereof, that said M. A. Grooms died intestate in March 1888, leaving surviving the defendant Lizzie Grooms, his widow, and Jennie Hamil, John Grooms, Thomas Grooms, William Grooms, Portia Grooms and Allie Grooms, his only children and sole heirs at law; that the deed executed by the said Grooms and wife to Robert R. Miller was placed on record in the recorders office in Greene County, Arkansas, but that the record thereof has since been destroyed by fire and the original deed lost, mislaid or destroyed, without fault of either of the plaintiffs."

      "It is therefore ordered, considered and adjudged by the court that the deed executed by said M. A. Grooms and wife, Lizzie Grooms, to Robert Miller, be and the same is hereby decree to be forever perpetuated and established by this decree, and that the plaintiff pay the cost hereof.

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Filed for record November 1, 1895 in Greene County,  and recorded in Deed Record No. 16 at page 126 et seq.
Transcribed by: Sandy Hardin


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