1926 Pension Records

This record book was found in the basement of the old courthouse.

All Amounts were for $167.00 unless otherwise noted .

To Whom Issued Date To Whom Delivered
J.R. Allen 9-14-26 mailed to Jonesboro
Nannie Adamson 9-16-26 Nannie Johnson
J.W. Buchanan 9-14-26 A.L. Buchanan
A.J. Bishop 9-13-26 A.J. Bishop
Mary J. Burns 9-15-26 C.E. Higgins
Elizabeth Bobo 10-23-26 J.S. Bobo
James Bowman 9-14-26 James Bowman
Mrs. Anna Breckenridge 9-13-26 James Breckenridge
Rachel Camp 9-15-26 D.A. Herren
W.H. Cothern 9-16-26 W.H. Cothern
Mrs. E.E. Clark 9-14-26 Marmaduke Bank
L.T. Dennis 9-18-26 L.T. Dennis
Mary E. Dickinson 9-20-26 J.A. Dillman
Amanda Ford 9-20-26 Amanda Ford
Elizabeth Farrell 9-13-26 J.B. Farrell
Mrs. H.E. Forsythe 9-14-26 Mrs. Inie Cook
Belle Fielder 9-14-26 Marmaduke Bank
Mrs. J.W. Fielder 9-14-26 Rector Bank
Mrs. E.V. Freeman 9-14-26 Marmaduke Bank
Mrs. M.A.E. Fitzgerald 9-18-26 J.F. Fitzgerald
Mrs. Laria Gentry 9-14-26 Marmaduke Bank
G.W. Gibson 9-15-26 G.W. Gibson
Mrs. A.E. Gardner 9-27-26 A.E. Gardner
Anna M. Gilbert 9-18-26 C.Vaughn
Mrs. A.S. Glasscock 10-1-26 Mrs Carrie Trice
Mrs. T.E. Gossett 9-14-26 Marmaduke Bank
Hannah F. Haneline 9-14-26 Marmaduke Bank
Catherine Higgins 9-18-26 D.M. Greenway
Florina J. Hopper 9-15-26 mailed to Caraway Ar.
Mrs. M.T. Hopkins 9-17-26 Mrs. M.A. Hopkins
J.M. Huddleton 9-14-26 J.M. Huddleton
Mrs. M.J. Honey 9-13-26 J.C. Honey
Mary J. Hunt 9-13-26 Mary J.Hunt
Sallie F. Houston 9-12-26 R.O. Houston
Mrs. M.B. Harvey 9-14-26 Mrs. M.B. Harvey
Mollie Holt 9-14-26 Marmaduke Bank
C.L. Harvey 9-14-26 Marmaduke Bank
Elizabeth Hyde 9-18-26 J.W. Hyde
Susan Hunter 9-18-26 Susan Hunter
John N. Johnson 9-18-26 mailed to Baldwin Miss.
Jno. W. Johnson 10-22-26 Jos W. Johnson
J.M. Little 9-14-26 J.M. Little
Taylor Land 9-18-26 Taylor Land
Mary E. LeRoy 9-18-26 Mary E. LeRoy
Virginia Livesay 9-14-26 Marmaduke Bank
J.R. Lowe 9-14-26 Rector Bank
Emily F.Livesay 9-14-26 Marmaduke Bank
Alice Liddell 9-14-26 Marmaduke Bank
Chas Lancaster 9-13-26 W.D. Lancaster
Nancy S. Lawrence 9-13-26 Nancy S. Lawrence
Nan V. Miller 9-14-26 Marmaduke Bank
Mrs. M.C. Murphy 9-15-26  
Mrs. W.J. McCracken 9-14-26 Hattie McCrackin Potter
Julia Noel 9-17-26 Julia Noel
Mrs. B.A. O'steen 9-15-26 Mrs. Geo McCracken
Mrs. M.C. Owens 9-25-26 R.W. Owens
Mrs. N.A. Padden 9-13-26 Mrs. N. A. Padden
Mrs. Hulda Pierce 9-15-26 Hulda Pierce
T.A. Rowland 9-17-26 C.D. Vaughn
George C.Reeves 9-15-26 G.C. Reeves
G.H. Russell 9-16-26 Ella Buriss
Mary Rowe 9-15-26 Mary Rowe
Sarah C. Ryan 9-18-26 Sarah C. Ryan
Mary J. Rollins 9-20-26 Farrell Rolling
J.L. Raines 9-15-26 J.L. Raines
A.B. Schearer 9-13-26 D.R. Shearer
Mrs. M.H. Speer 9-30-26 S.B. Speer
Clara A. Shane 9-14-26 S.M. Shane
A. Sheffield 9-18-26 A.Sheffield
Josia Seats 9-15-26 Josia Seats
Susie Turner 9-15-26 Susie Turner
T.J. Taylor 9-14-26 Marmaduke Bank
Virginia Thompson 9-14-26 W.D. Thompson
E.J. Thomason 9-20-26 Issac Thomason
W.T. Thorn 9-18-26  
L.C. Thompson 9-18-26 L.C. Thompson
James Vanderment 9-15-26 Cail Rowland
Mrs. M.J. Wilcockson 9-18-26 Mrs. M.J. Wilcockson
Mrs. C.D. West 9-15-26 mailed Boliver Mo.
David Weaver 9-13-26 David Weaver
E.T. Wood 9-20-26 Frank Rolling
Mrs. M.E. Winn 9-18-26 M.Winn
Lizzie Weaver 9-18-26 Lizzie Weaver
W.N. Walden 9-22-26 W.H. Walden
Mrs. S.F. White 9-13-26 C.H. White
Mrs. R.C. Whitman 9-13-26 T.H. Whitney
Mrs. M.A. Weatherly 9-20-26 W.F. Walden
Mrs. H.T. Wood 9-15-26 Mrs. H.T. Wood
Laura J.Watson 9-14-26 Mrs. Laura J. Watson
Francis Ward 9-16-26 mailed Walnut Ridge Dud Bassett
Mrs. T.R. Wilcockson 9-18-26 M.Wilcockson
A.Yarbrough 9-15-26 A. Yarbrough
Thomas Sims Admin. 9-17-26 Thomas Sims
J.C. Hoskins Admin. Martha Hoskins 9-17-26 $79.88 Marmaduke Bank
W.G. Hansbrough - D.J. Hansbrough 9-14-26 136.38 Rector Bank
C.R. Nixon - Mary Norris 9-15-26 $10.67 C.R. Nixon
J.A. McDaniel - W.W. Stewart 12-8-26 $102.99 J.A. McDaniel
R.L. Thompson - 10-6-26 R.L. Thompson

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