Greene County, Arkansas

Tony Farley

From the Biographical Files at the Arkansas History Commission in Little Rock:

"Toney Farley, Beech Grove, Farmer and Teacher, Representative from Greene County of 54th General Assembly of 1943, Representative from Greene County of 55th General Assembly of 1945."

From "Arkansas Handbook," 1943-44, at the Arkansas History Commission:

"Toney Farley, of the House of Representatives from Greene County, is a native of the county he represents; he was born at Light November 17, 1904.  His parents were Robert H. Farley, born August 19, 1874, at Sardis, Mississippi, and Mary Elizabeth Johnson Farley, born August 5, 1877, in Greene County, Arkansas.  He was educated in the public schools of Greene County and at Arkansas State College, Jonesboro.  He is a teacher and a farmer and resides at Beech Grove.

"He is serving his first term in the Legislature.  He was a member of the following House Committees: Agriculture Section "B," Apportionment, Education Section "B," Industrial Schools (Vice-Chairman), Old Age Pensions, and Roads and Highways.  He sponsored House Bills: Nos. 12, 84, 93 (et al, Act. No. 35), 154 (Act No. 27), 230 (Act No. 165), 256, 299 (Act No. 228), and 374.

"He is a Democrat and a member of the Baptist church.  In April 1925 he was married to Eula Garner, daughter of William Henry and Maggie Grady Garner of Greene County, Arkansas.  They have five children, Verneil, Orman, Norman, Wilda Mae, and Houston."

Submitted by: Donna (granddaughter)


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