Greene County, Arkansas

I would like to post this law suit pertaining to establishing a deed  record from Chancery Ct. Papers, Box 67 , March 1898.  I am also seeking a volunteer who might go back to the document and get the rest of it.  Elihu C. Graham was my grgrgrandfather who appears on the 1870 census of Greene Co.

Thanks  Jackie Presley, Dallas, TX 

This was a cause of action brought to the Chancery Court in 1898:  by Eli and Damas Lada against Bent Willoughby et al. 
Benton Willoughby was Elihu C. Graham’s brother-in-law)

"This cause coming on to be heard, the plaintiff appeared by their attorneys Block and Sullivan, the defendants Bent Willoughby, though served with personal summons, made default and as to the defendants Mary Webb, Mary E. Crytes, John B. Graham, James Graham, Jackyann Graham and Dora Miller, a warning order was published as required by law and proof of the publication filed showing the publication thereof as law directs and J.A. Taylor the attorney appointed by the clerk of this court in vacation filed his report:

The court finds from the evidence of Bent Willoughby, Eli Lada and W.S. Pruett that the defendant Bent Willoughby entered in United States Land office in the year 1859, the following lands in Greene County, Arkansas to wit:
North West quarter of the North West quarter of Section Eleven Township Sixteen North Range Five East and received an entry certificate therefor and
that in the year 1861, the said
Willoughby sold said land to Elihu C. Graham and placed him in possession thereof. That in the year 1865, the said Elihu C. Graham sold and conveyed said land to one John Hill and that the deed therefor is lost and if ever recorded the records have been burned; that the said John Hill died intestate in the year 1869 in possession of said lands claiming title thereto and left surviving him as his sole and only heirs Mary Crytes his sister and Dora Miller his niece, that on August 26, 1872, the said Mary E. Crytes and John L. Buck as Guardian for Dora Miller sold and conveyed said lands to Charles D. Pruet and that he went into possession of said lands at the date of his purchase and died there in the year 1884 and that the widow and heirs of Chas D. Pruett after his death conveyed said lands to W.S. Pruett and that he and his wife "................ (document is cut off here)

The above document was dated March 1898.

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