Greene County, Arkansas

Original Entries of Lands Original Entry # 1

Description of Land

J. J. Whitworth NE Sec. 24 Twp. 18N Aug. 27, 1860

Character of Entry - Swamp

To All whom these presents shall come , Greetings whereas by the Act of Congress approved September 28, 1850 entitled an act to enable the State of Arkansas and other states to reclaim the Swamp Lands , within their limits, the State is provided that all the Swamp and overflowed lands made unfit thereby for cultivation within the State of Arkansas which remained unsold at the passage of said act, shall be granted to said state. General Land Office of the United States the several tracts or parcels of land described have been selected as Swamp and overflowed lands , subject to sale at Batesville , Arkansas .

By the President James Buchanan

State of Arkansas To Deed Heirs and Legal Repts Jacob J. Whitworth , Deceased.

June 4th , 1869 Morris M. Wright as such collector did on the 28th day of August 1869 returned said tract land as delinquent and owner having not paid taxes for the said year 1868 was sold at Public Auction at the courthouse door in Greene County on the 22nd day of November , 1869 for the amount of taxes together with 25 per centum penalty and the the cost theron. Whereupon H.W. Glasscock & F.S. White bid and offered $86.00 dollars for said land. Acknowledged by Ezekial R. Seely , clerk of Greene County before Benj. F. Copeland , Justice of the Peace, in and for Greene Co. on Nov. 11, 1872.

Jan. 9, 1879 , Flavius S. White to Henry W. Glasscock wife E. F. Glasscock, Grant , bargain , sell and convey the entire interest of the party of the first part in and to the Books , notes , accounts , furniture and personal property as one of the firm of Glasscock & White and also as of the late firm of F. S. White & Co. and also the undivided one half interest in and to the said real estate. And other lands and rights title and interest to William E. Walton's Sectional System . On Jan. 9th, 1878 before John M. Johnston , Justice of Peace. Sarah F. White , wife of the said Flavius S. White for and on my part and behalf . Acknowledged by Flavius S. White and Sara F. White wife of said before Jas . A. Hunter Justice of Peace in and for Greene Co. June 2, 1881.

Aug. 5, 1888 DONATION DEED for right of way & to aid Construction Texas & St. Louis Railway , AR By H. W. Glasscock  wife E. J. Glasscock before Jno. B. Boykin , Notary Public , Aug. 8, 1881.

Released : July 11th, 1884 William J. Whitworth , only heir at law of Jacob J. Whitworth , deceased and Virginia Whitworth , his wife. Before Jno. W. Elrod , Justice of Peace.

M. F. Collier Administrator of the Estate of H .W. Glasscock , Know ye that whereas , H. W. Glasscock of the county of Greene , died instate on or about _ day of _ 1901 , we do appoint M. F. Collier administrator with full power and authority to secure and dispose of the said property according to law. A.D. Gardner, clerk of the Co. Court. March 9, 1901.

Sheriff ' s Deed : A.D. Grayson , Sheriff to M. F. Collier This indenture Made and entered into on this 25th day of Jan. 1902 by A.D. Grayson , as Sheriff of Greene co. party of the first part . Witnessed that whereas Thomas R. Willcockson as Sheriff of Greene Co. A. March 5, 1881 did offer for sale as their commanded under an execution on the Jan. 6, 1881and to him to satisfy a judgment in favor of the state of AR on described lands.

March 29, 1904 E.J. Smith and Anetta Smith his wife J.W. Crawford and Sudie Crawford , his wife , parties of the first part to Theodore Kunze , Trustee for Alma Stout , Adolph Kunze , Gustav Kunze Jr. and Elizabeth Kunze , wife of Gustav Kunze Sr. Annetta Smith and Sudie Crawford two of the children of H.W. Deceased are the owners of two fifths interest in the real estate and have sold to Gustave Kunze.

June 20, 1904 , H.F. Glasscock an unmarried person one of the children of H.W. Glasscock to Theodore Kunze , Trustee for Alma Stout , Adolph Kunze , Gustav Kunze Jr. , Elizabeth Kunze, Sr. .

Mabel Clare Glasscock , Joe Weldon Glasscock , Leo Fletcher Glasscock , Orine Glasscock , Oom Paul Glasscock , the last four by their next friend and mother J.N. C. Glasscock vs. A.H. Glasscock , E.J. and Anneta Smith , Annetta and Kathleen Hays and R.R. Hays , M.F. Collier this cause coming on to to be heard on the pleadings the respective parties and minor defendants. From which the court finds that H.W. Glasscock died intesestate in Greene co. leaving described lands to surving him as his sole and only heirs his widow A.S. Glasscock , and the following children, A.H. Glasscock , Annetta Smith, Sudie Crawford , Jennie Hays and H.F. Glasscock , that since his death Jennie Hays has departed this life intestate leaving her surving sole and heir her husband R.R. Hays and the following children Anetta and Kathleen Hays , that H.F. Glasscock has since the death of H.W. Glasscock departed this life intestate leaving surving him his widow J.N. C. Glasscock .Jan. 2, 1906.

Deed of Trust Jan 21, 1908 , W.E. Talley and Byrd M. Talley his wife , to Edmund P. Melton , Trustee party of the second and the Missouri state Life Ins. Company. Jan. 23, 1908.

*Note : As you have noticed they have broken up the land into different sections and selling the land after the heirs of H. F. Glasscock.

Grantor : M. C. Harris and Helen Harris his wife , Grantee : Lewis Sachs March 5, 1910

Grantor : Lewis Sachs and Therese Sachs his wife , Grantee : A.E. Randol and wife M. Lou Randal, March 15, 1910

Grantor : John E. Franklin and wife Emma Franklin to Charles S. Marsh , Aug. 3, 1914.

Edmund P. Melson , Trustee and Missouri State Life Ins. Co. Plaintiffs vs. W.E. Talley and wife Byrd M. Talley, G.A. Trinler wife G. A. Trinler , A.T. Vail and wife . John E. Franklin and wife Emma Franklin, Curtis Gregory , Albert Freeman , W.D. Goff , Lon Ashbrand Joseph Ashcraft , Will Whitworth , S.H. Bivens , R.B. Ward , J.H. Hester, George Phipps, J.C. Dickinson , Mrs. J.W. Rutledge , M.V. Vowel , L.J. Vowel, J.B. Nicholas , Fred Carter, Gib Fortson, Newt Fortson , C.O. Blalock, A.F. Newton , Tom True, W.H. Gossett , George Small, J.E. Gentry, G.E. Gentry, J.W. Williams , J.M. Ramsey, R.E. Nicholas , c.S. Marsh and Martha G. Marsh . The object and purpose of this suit is : To foreclose a certain deed of trust , dated Jan. 21, 1908 executed by W. E. Talley and wife.conveying to Edmund P. Melson , as Trustee the described lands.

J.L. Lam is the actual possession of the (Lands but not herin abstracted ) that the remainder of the lands hereinafter described are , or at the time of the institution of this suit, were in the actual possession of:

Oct. 1, 1913 The sale of five acres in the lands but not lands herein abstracted occupied by a sawmill and shingle mill operated by J.M. Ramsey , included in the above description was sold subject to the effect of a lease contract .For $10.00 per acre per year so long as the said mill was operated.

March 16, 1916 , warranty deed The England Loan & Trust Co. to Lesser - Goldman Cotton Company.

Last Will and Testament of Fred H. Stephen of Marmaduke, I direct payment of all my debts, I hereby give unto my daughter Isabel Stephen Payton $ 1000.00 and my daughter Mildred Stephen Phillips $1000.00. And unto my wife Lizzie Stephen the remainder of my estate. At the death of my wife Lizzie the above said properties shall be passed to my daughters . June 8, 1953.

This is some of the important information you can find in an Abstract Deed. This land is now known as the Thorne Addition in Marmaduke.


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