Greene County, Arkansas

Wanted Posters

The above reward will be paid for informaion leading to the recovery of O. F. Calvin who disappeared from his home on the evening of December 13th , 1929 , following a nervous breakdown . Mr. Calvin is apparently in a state of amnesia and avoids all of his former friends and acquaintances . He may be found in a cheap hotel , lodging house or even working in a restuarant . Mr. Calvin has a very pleasing personality and a very likeable manner. He may attemp to borrow money from strangers as he had only a few dollars when he left home. Mr. Calvin is 64 years old , 5 feet and 6 inches tall weighs about 140 pounds very stoutly built although the past two weeks may have produced a change. Has a very white hair and brown eyes . Is always immaculately dressed and shaved but may not be now owing for his state of mind. He has a bad bluish colored scar on the calf of his right leg caused by a dog bite. Mr. Calvin is a member of Center Lodge No. 23 , F & A.M. , wears no pin but when last seen had his lodge receipt in his pocket.

When Mr. Calvin Left home he was wearing a brownish , rough material overcoat and a light gray cap.

If located detain him and wire or telephone at once.

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