Greene County, Arkansas

Robert S. Smith , private , Hospital Corps , who was enlisted November 6, 1912 , for seven years , is reported to have deserted at Letterman General Hospital , the Presidio of San Francisco , Cal. August 31, 1913 . At enlistment he gave his residence as Monette, Ark. and the name and address of person to be notified in his behalf in case of emergency as Mrs. Sarah E. Smith (mother) , Monette Ark.

Description (at date of enlistment) White ; born in Muhlenberg County , Ky. ; age 211/2; occupation , laborer, eyes brown, hair dark brown; complexion , fair ; height 5ft. 10 3/8 inches. weight 140 ; Prominent scars and marks ; Front view - scar on left forearm ; two scars on right knee , Back view - scar on each thumb , each ring finger , left index and middle fingers , between right index and middle fingers , upper right side of back and lower right side of back.

A reward of $ 50.00 is payable for the apprehension of this man , and for his delivery to the military authorities, until two years after the expiration of the period for which he was enlisted . The reward is payable at any United States Army post to any civil officer or other civilian who delivers him there.

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