Greene County, Arkansas

Abbreviations for Various Trades


Administrator Admr Grocers Gro
Advertising Advg Hardware Hware
Agent Agt Harness Harn
Agricultrual Implements Agl Implts Hats & Caps H & C
American Am Horseshoer Hshoer
Association Assn Implements Implts
Bakery Bak Instalment Instal
Bicycles Bicy Instruments Insts
Blacksmith Bsmith Insurance Ins
Boarding House Bdg H Jeweler Jwlr
Boots & Shoes B & S Jewelry Jwlry
Builder Bldr Jobbers Job
Bldg Bldg Justice of Peace J P
Carpenter Carptr Leather Lea
Chemist or Chemicals Chem Leather & Findings Lea & Fdgs
Cigars Cig Limited Ltd
Clocks Clks Liquors Liq
Clothing Clo Livery Liv
Commission Comm Lumber Lbr
Confectioners Confec Machinist, Machinery Mach
Contractor Contr Maker Mkr
Co-operative Co-op Manager Mgr
Custom House Brokers C H Bkrs Manufacturers Mfrs
Dealers Dlrs Manufacturing Mfg
Delicatessen Del Materials Matls
Department Dept Medicines Meds
Distillers, distilling, distillery, with other business Dist Merchandise Mdse
Dry Goods D G Merchant Mer
Electrical Elec Millinery Milly
Electroplating Electropltg Music or Musical Mus
Elevator Elev Notions Not
Estate of Est Novelties Nov
Exchange Exch Optician or Optical Opt
Executor Exr Paperhanger Pprhgr
Exporter Exp Patent Pat
Extracts Ext Pawnbroker Pawnbkr
Fancy Goods Fcy G Peddler Ped
Fertilizers Fert Periodicals Per
Findings Fdgs Pharmacists Pharm
Five & Ten Cents 5c & 10c Photographer Photo
Flour & Feed F & F Physician Physn
Forwarding Fwdg Planing Mill Plg Mill
Foundry Fdry Plumber Plbr
Furnishing Furng Plumbing Plbg
Furniture Furn Pocketbooks Pktbooks
Galvanizing Galv Postmaster P M
General Genl Produce Prod
General Store G S Proprietor Propr
Goods Gds Provisions Prov
Publisher Pubr Supplies Supp
Publishing Pubg Temperance Temp
Queensware Qware Tobacco Tob
Railroad R R Tobacco & Cigars Tob & Cig
Real Estate R E Trimmings Trimgs
Receiving Revg Trupentine Turp
Reparier, repairs, repairing Rep Undertaker Und
Restaurant Rest United States U S
Retail Ret Upholsterer Uphol
Saddler Sad Variety Var
Saddlery & Harness Sad & Harn Vegetables Veg
Saloon Sal Wagonmaker Wagonmkr
Saw & Grist Mills S & G Mills Wallpaper Wallppr
Saw & Planing Mills S & P Mills Washing Machines Washing M
Secondhand 2dhand Watches Wchs
Sewing Machines Sewing M Watchmaker Wchmkr
Shipping Shipg Wheelwright Wwright
Silverplated-Ware Sil-pltd Ware Wholesale Whol
Silverplater Sil-pltr Whol & Ret W & R
Sporting Sptg Woodworking Woodwkg
Stationery Staty Works Wks


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