Ads for 1908 Paragould Directory
page eight

Are you unfortunate enough to need medicine? If so, remember that Gizzard is running a medicine store and keeps all kinds of medicines, drugs, chemicals, etc. Your patronage is earnestly appreciated.

Cruse, W.H. Hart, W.T.
Day, R.F. Henson, T.C.
Dyer, Guy Hess, J.
Edwards, Joe Hicks, R.J.
Elliston, Melvin Higgins, J.R.
Fagan, B.F. Hodges, C.J.
Fletcher, J.I. Holligan, Mrs M.J.
Fletcher, R.A. Hopkins, T.A.
Frey, J.G. Hunt, R.P.
Garrison, J.H. Jackson, E.C.
Gibson, Mrs S.C. Jeter, J.H.

Dr. Black's Liver Cleaners are especially adapted to Malaria and it's many complications--They cleanse the system thoroughly by eradicating the poison. They are Wonder-Workers. Price 25c at Palace Drug Store.

Gower, R.F. Johnston, Jno L.
Greenway, W.R. Johnston, J.C.
Grimes, H. Jones, J.G.
Hammett, Dr O.M. Kingston, T.F.
Harrilson, N. Knight, F.A.
Harrington, J.W. Laird, J.S.
Harvey, G.R. Lowery, I.N.
Harvey, R. McClain, R.J.

Lumber & Supply Co.

Headquarters for building material


 Transcribed by: Sandy Hardin

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