All Persons over 16 years of age living in the community are listed

The wife’s name is shown in parenthesis after the husband’s as follows:

Robt R (Mary L). number of children under sixteen years of age is shown after the wife’s follows: Smith Robt R (Mary L) 3.

The resident directory home ownership is designated by ® as follows:
Robt R (Mary L) 3 ®. Renters are shown by the omission of the ®.

In the householders’ directory ownership is shown by the same designation ‘,‘s: 210 Smith R R ®.
The case of a natural widow this fact is shown with the name of the the husband in parentheses, whenever possible, as follows: Smith Mary L bt R).occupation and place of employment are shown as follows: Smith Robt r L) clk Hub Clo Co.

residence of each person is shown by “h” denoting householder or head of and by “r” denoting other persons in the home. Only one person in each listed with an “h”. Therefore, a circular mailed to each householder ‘h” will reach every home in the city.

Married women engaged in some responsible occupation are listed individually in to their regular listing with the husband as follows:

 Smith Mary L bt H) bkpr Hub Clo Co r 210 Main. (words street and avenue are understood.)

Some cases the designation (oc) is used to denote persons living outside the its. Persons living outside the city limits and receiving their mail in the are marked RD.

Colored persons are shown by ©. The publishers are very careful in using ignation but do not assume any responsibility in case of error. Telephone numbers are designated in the resident directory at the end of the :h the designation

4 as follows: Smith Robt R (Mary L) 3 ® clk Hub Clo 10 Main 4498. If the telephone is in the place of employment it appears

The householders’ directory the telephone number of each house is given at of the line as follows: 210 Smith R R ®—4498. In this division of the each street is listed alphabetically and each house on the street is listed according to number. All street intersections are shown at the proper places with nameses of the cross streets. In case there is no telephone shown the nearest phone on the street may be found. Ihe numerical telephone directory the telephone numbers are listed in nu­order.the business directory and buyers’ guide the various business and professional firms are arranged according to their line of business and merchandise sold. 113’ advertised brands are designated with a *. For example, under the automobiles will be found the following classification: *FORD—JOne5 110 Elm. The buyers’ guide carries the printed message of the city’s lead­mess and professional firms.

This directory contains all the regular departments of the modern city directory many features used by no other publisher. It shows the exact population city and environs at the present time.



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