Greene County, Arkansas


Bible of Samuel and Maude Mae Creel
sent by Kim Pullon

Maude (Groshon) Blackwood
Samuel Henry Creel
23 June 1913

Sam Creel age 29 and Maude Blackwood age 24
Thomas H. Creel and Juanita Bateman
Gwendola Creel and George Pullon    Aug. 10, 1940
Leo Creel and Marie Courtney
Marvin Creel and Zella Beacham  February 24, 1951
Zuline Creel and Edsel Simpson  January 10, 1948
Willidean Creel and Richard Lennon   March 8, 1954

"Great Grandparents"
John S. Groshong and Letha Summers (Indian)
married July 2, 1854
John birthdate August 20, 1830
Letha's birthday August 18, 1830

Samuel Franklin Groshong and Martha Mateldia Sumner
married December 6, 1884
Samuel's birthdate October 10, 1866
Martha's birthdate August 6, 1854

Sam H. Creel was born November 3, 1883
Maud M. Creel was born April 28, 1890
Nancy Helen Blackwood was born February 2, 1909
Thomas Harold Creel was born March 1, 1915
Herchel Washington Creel was born February 17, 1917
Martha Gwendola Creel was born September 27, 1919
Samuel Leo Creel was born December 2, 1922
Marvin Ewing Creel was born November 16, 1925
Paul Eugene Creel was born October 13, 1927
Zora Zuline Creel was born May 29, 1930
Willidean Creel was born February 28, 1933

Herchel W. Creel died October 30, 1918
Samuel H. Creel died January 3, 1944
Samuel Leo Creel died April 12, 1953
Paul Eugene Creel died November 16, 1956
Thomas Harold Creel died July 17, 1972
Maude Mae Creel died March 31, 1974
Martha Gwendola Pullon died July 12, 1985

Note: The family bible is in the hands of Marvin Creel Family.

Samuel H. Creel was married first to Argie Biggs, daughter of Eldo and Barbara (Johnson) Biggs on 16 Oct 1904. They had a son, Robert Darrell Creel born 4 Oct 1905 in Rector, Clay, AR. Argie died in childbirth and Robert was adopted by the Gathings family.

Maude Mae Groshon was first married to James Albert Blackwood, son of Butler and Nancy Blackwood, on 8 Sept 1908. They had daughter Nancy Helen Blackwood. James Albert Blackwood was born 17 Nov 1876 and died 18 Jan 1910

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