Greene County, Arkansas

This letter was written from my father, Arvel Matheny, to F.M. Colvin, "Uncle Bose". He was not any relation to my father. It was addressed to F.M. Colvin, RFD #1, Williford, Ark.

June 15,1945
Stonewall, Greene Co., AR

Dearest Uncle Bose,

I will answer your letter received tonite. Was glad to hear from you. I am feeling pretty good, hope you all are fine. Sis has been sick, she has had another one of the spells.

Uncle Bose the water is coming across Mr. Hancock's field and crossing the road in front of our house and going across our field north of the house. Water is crossing the highway south of the bridge, traffic is stopped. Water is up in Earnest Story's house, he has moved to the church house.

Did you know Dave Dollins? Two of his children drowned Tuesday. They found one of them yesterday, but they haven't found the other yet. Papa went and help search for him today. They was awful bad to go in swimming. They left them to go look at the Black River levy and when they come back the children were missing. Dave went to look for them and found their clothes laying on the bank. He lived right against the levy. You knew Louise Matheny, it was grandpa's brother's girl. It makes six children they have lost. Two burned up, Two died a natural death and now Two have drowned. The oldest was 11 and 9 yrs old. Uncle Bose they are in back water and I don't think they will ever find him.

St. Francis levy has broke three places on the Arkansas side and two places on the Missouri side, east of Paragould.

Bro Walker is going to hold a meeting at Lafe beginning the 22nd of July. Meeting at Stonewall begins first Sunday in August.

I am fishing with 2 twine nets, we are catching a few. We can't get grease to fry them in.

I got a letter from Pete tonite and Sis one from R.E. last nite. R.E. is in Hawaii, he don't like it there much. He said he had to get on his knees to kiss the girls there. He said they didn't like soldiers much.

Our cotton is getting kind of grassy, but where it is out of the water it sure is pretty. The Hancock boys cotton is really getting bad. Jeff is still in Camden. I think you were kinda struck on him wasn't you? Ha Ha

Well I guess I had better hush before I say to much.

As always your friend,


The bridge he is talking about , is Cache River bridge on Highway 135 at Stonewall, Greene Co.,   Arkansas.

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