Greene County, Arkansas

Cupp Family History

William Cupp son of Warner Cupp and Anna Ligon, married Mary Jane Shane ,she was born in 1830 in Tn. and died in 1861 in Greene Co, Ar. their children were: George William Cupp born 1850, John C. Cupp born 1851, Mary Lucinda Cupp born 1853, Martha Mattie Cupp born 1856, James Monroe Cupp born 1859, Emily M. Cupp born 1861.  

-------------------------- Henry Cupp son of Warner Cupp and Ann Ligon, married first to Icphena Emeline Lane in Greene Co, Ar. and she was born Nov. 21, 1862 and died in Greene Co, Ar on Feb. 3, 1898. They had these children: Henry J. Cupp born Jan 10, 1887 in Walcott, Ar. , Greene Co., Ar Mary H. Cupp born Sept 6, 1890- in Walcott, Ar, died on Oct. 30, 1901 in Greene Co, Ar.  and Laborn R. Cupp born on Dec. 2, 1891 in Walcott, Ar.

------------------------------------------ The Henry Cupp above that was married to Icphena e. Lane then married in 1865 to Margret Ann Dennis in Greene co, Ar. and had these children : Sarah Ann Cupp born in 1867 in Greene Co,Ar and married on May 14, 1882 in Greene Co, Ar. to James McDonald Tyner, this Sarah died on March 20, 1952 in Jonesboro, Craighead Co. , the next child of Henry Cupp and Margret a. Dennis is Daughter Cupp name unknown, born in 1869 and died 1869, believe to be the infant grave at Mt. Zion for a infant Cupp buried there next to the Cupps.

=================================== The Henry Cupp Jan 10, 1839 now for his 3rd wife, it was Nancy Adaline Bolin, they married on April 28, 1878 in Greene Co, Ar. and she died on Dec. 18, 1884 in Greene Co, Ar. and they had 2 children together: 1) Rake Cupp born May 12, 1880 in Greene co, Ar and died Aug. 12, 1884 in Greene Co. Ar.  2) Pearly Cupp born Sept. 1, 1883 in Greene Co, Ar. and died March 23, 1884 in Greene Co, Ar

_____________________________________ Then back to Henry Cupp his four wife was Louisa R. Stevens (known as Lucy) she was born Dec. 11, 1841 in Tn. and died Jan 29, 1877 in Greene Co. Ar. and is buried in Mt. Zion Cemetery, Walcott ,Ar next to Henry Cupp  . there children are Emma Jane Cupp (my Great-Grandmother) born Feb. 2, 1871 in Greene Co. Ar. and died June 12, 1927 in bono ,Ar. and married Joseph Andrew Fielder (known as Jack) born Feb. 17, 1867 in Greene Co, Ar and died June 21, 1940 and buried in Mt. Zion beside his wife Emma Cupp. There children were: Lucy Ellen Fielder, Minnie Ann Fielder, Laura Jean Fielder, Lewis Henry Fielder, Alvin B. Fielder, Clevland Fielder, Mattie Fielder, Baby Fielder, Willie Fielder, This family lived on the Fielder Farm in Bono Ark. 300 acres that once belonged to Henry Cupp, the father of Emma Jane Cupp. that after there death there daughter Lucy Fielder married to Benjamin L. Street and worked the farm all there lives and had a family of 11 children,

patty szalay (street)

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