Transcription of James Anderson Duffel Family Bible

By Deborah L. Rogers, great-granddaughter

Bible in possession of Clara Alma Duffel Thomas, granddaughter.

The Bible was published in 1870.


On the inside cover is written:
J.A. Duffel's Book, Bought of A.L. Russell
On the first inside page is written:
A.L. Russell's Bible, Bought at Dover, July 22nd 1871, Price $4.00.
On the back of that page is written:
J.A. Duffel's Bible, bought of A.L. Russell, Price $3.00.

The page preceding the following has been torn out.

Upper Right Corner: James

Births Left Column:

(the first two are the original owner's entries before James purchased the Bible)

-Alsalom Livisa [sic] Russell (could actually be Bussell) was born April 16th,
Eighteen Hundred and Thirty eight, 1838.

-Eliza Ella Russell (Bussell) was born November The Thirtieth Eighteen Hundred
and forty Three, 1843.

-Nancy Williams Dilday was Born Feb. 13, 1823.
Note: This is James Anderson Duffel's mother (1823-1856).

Births Right Column:

-James Anderson Duffel was born June 12th 1855.

-Anna Emmarine Duffel was born September 4th: 1861.

- Nancy Elisabeth (with an 's') Duffel, daughter of J.A. and A.E duffel was born Jan
12th 1877.

-Anna Clementine Duffel, Daughter of J.A. and A.E. Duffel was born September 16th,

-Edmon (no'd') cal Duffel, son of J.A. and A.E. duffel was bar [sic] September 30th,

-John Jefferson Duffel, was born December the 18, 1882.

-Grover Cleveland Duffel was born March the 23, 1885.

-George Buckhannon Duffel was born July 16, 1887.

-Dinny Duffel (crossed out).

-Dinny Duffel was Born Feb the 22, 1892.

-Medy Duffel was Born Feb 9, 1894.

-James Alfred (Alfered?) Duffel was born Jany [sic] the 6(?), 1900.

Note: the youngest son, Chester Curtis Duffel, born 15 Dec 1901 (after James Alfred)
is not listed anywhere in the Bible. The family moved from Tennessee to Arkansas in
early 1902, less than a year after Chester, my grandfather, was born.

Note: It appears that instead of putting death dates, the names were lined through,
but in fact, it looks like someone just did not always write above the line made for
the entry. All the entries were made by James Anderson, as his wife Annie, did not
write, according to my two living aunts, with whom she lived on the farm.

Note: According to Aunt Clara, her mother, Effie Duffel, told her that James Anderson
gave the Bible to his son, Grover, saying, "Keep this until I call for it." Apparently, he
left it in the keeping of his son, Grover. After James Anderson died in 1924, Grover
retained the Bible and added a handwritten page to list his family. The page is
taped onto the preceding page, which was ripped out.

Grover Cleveland Duffel Family:

Top: Family Record

-G. C. Duffel Was Born Mar. 23-1885 - Nov 20, 1956.

-E. L. Duffel was Born Aug 20- 1888 - June 15, - 1981.

-Infant of G.C. and E.L. Duffel Born and Died Aug 13 - 1906.

-Infant of G.C. & E.L. Duffel Born & Died July 13 - 1907.

-Lilie May Duffel Daughter of G.C. & E.L. Duffel Was Born Aug 25 - 1908 - Feb 18-

-Hazzle Emerine Daughter of G.C. & E.L. Duffel Was Born Mar. 3 - 1911.

-James Donald Son of G.C. & E.L. Duffel Was Born April 19 - 1913 - Jan 20 - 1981.

-Clara Alma duffel Daughter of G.C. & E.L. Duffel was Born Sep 30 - 1917.

-Robert Loland Duffel Son of G.C. & E.L. Duffel Was Born Aug. 16 - 1921, Died Jan
20 -2005. (This last entry is written on the back of the page).

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