Greene County, Arkansas

The Fielder Family

1900 Census /Greene Co, Ar.

Joseph Andrew Fielder age 32  Greene Co , Ar (walcott) Wife : Emma J. Fielder (maiden name Cupp/daughter of Henry Cupp & Louisa Stevens) born Feb. 28, 1872 Daughter: Lucy Ellen Fielder ,born Jul 8, 1892 Green Co, Ar. Bono (married Benjamin L. Street (son of Leroy P. Street and Josephine Welch) Son: Lewis Henry Fielder born July 6, 1894 , Greene Co, Walcott, Ar. Daughter: Mattie G. Fielder born Aug. 3, 1897 Ar. Walcott ,Greene Co. Boarder living with Joseph Andrew Fielder and family: John Creel born April 15, 1881 Niece living with them: Texan Fielder born April 15, 1885 Greene Co, Ar. N-Grover L. Cupp born April 8, 1892 Greene Co, Ar.  

1910 Census /Ark.

Joseph Fielder, Age 44 Greene Co,Ar. (son of Samuel Benton Fielder) son :Lewis Henry Fielder born Sept 15, 1895 died Jan 22, 1940 in Green Co, Ar Daughter Mattie Fielder age 17 Ark. Son: Alvin Fielder , Age 8 Ark ,born Sept 5, 1901 in Greene Co,Ar and died Jan 20, 1929 in Greene Co, Ar. Daughter Lora Fielder ,age 5 Ark. Daughter : Minnie Fielder: age 3 ,Ark  

1920 Census /Ar Fielder

Joseph Andrew , age 55, Greene Co,Ar wife : Emma J. (jane) Fielder (cupp maiden name) age 52, daughter : Mattie Fielder, age 22, Ar son: Alvin Fielder, age 18, Ar Daughter: Laura Fielder ,age 15 ,Ar Daughter: Minnie Fielder ,age 12, Ar.

    Cletus Andrew Street born Nov 13, 1909 in Bono,Ar. Greene Co. and died Jan 1976 in Greene Co, and buried in Mt. Zion Cemetery in Walcott, lived there his whole live and married Jewel Clemets that was born June 19, 1910 in Walcott, Ar, Greene Co, and died Feb. 15, 2000 in Nursing home in Paragould ,Ar and is buried beside him in Mt. Zion Cemetery. Cletus's parents were Benjamin L. Street and Lucy Ellen Fielder (daughter of Joseph Andrew Fielder and Emma Cupp) Cletus and Jewel Street only had one son: Frankie Cletus Street that was born on Sejpt. 1, 1948 in Walcott, Ar Greene Co. and has lived there his whole life. He married in 1972 to donna Fortenberry. And adopted several children from one family when there parents were killed in a car accident. He still lives on the family land in Walcott, Ar, just down the road from the Mt. Zion Church and Cemetery.

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