Greene County, Arkansas

Johnson Family Bible

My name is Sandra Fischer and I live in central Arizona. I came across a family Bible that had belonged to a Mrs. Norma Jean Johnson, given to her by her mother, Lucille Poe. While there are only a couple of names written on  the death registry page, there are about three or four funeral cards ( the kind  handed out at the service) and about four or five newspaper obit notices for a Mr. Walter Johnson, saying he was born 17 Jan. 1929 in Marmaduke, AR. I would love to find the rightful owners of this info and forward it to them. Thanks to anyone who can help.


Below is the information from the Johnson Bible found on Sat. Sept. 09, 2000 at flea market in Black Canyon City, AZ.



Norma Jean Lewis & Walter Johnson- 4 April, 1952 in
Rockford, Ill. by Rev.Ada Jones,
Witnessed by Bobby and Elsie Brewer.

Richard Horstman & Norma Johnson- 24 June, 1970
Tom W. Johnson &Linda M. Brown- 1 April 1972
Jerry Johnson & Brenda Sue Smith- 15 Sept. 1973
Kent E. Maulden & Linda Marlene Johnson-29 March, 1975
Neil Fleming & Glena Gail Horstman-28 March, 1975


Walter Johnson - Jan. 17, 1929
Norma Jean Lewis - 3 Oct. 1936
Jerry Walter Johnson - 18 Feb. 1953
Thomas William Johnson 3 June 1954
Linda Marlene Johnson - 12-11- 1956
Daryl Isom Johnsom - 7-5- 1961
Joe William Johnson - 9-11- 1972
John Wayne Johnson - 10-15-1970
Patricia Sue Johnson - 8-31-74
Laura Anne Johnson - 4-30-76
Glenna Gail Horstman - 6-6- 54
( Richard Horstman 5-29-21)
(527-05-9368 ss. #)
(Norma Jean Lewis-Johnson-Horstman)
(431-54-8842 ss.#)


Isom Johnson, father of Walter, d. Dec. 26, 1959
William T. Poe, step- father of Norma, d. Nov. 11, 1966
William Robert Lewis, March 18, 1944
Walter Johnson, Dec. 3, 1983.

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