Greene County, Arkansas

Caught almost in Paragould was this 60-pound snapping turtle. Barney Morton ,right an his brother Gene Morton, of route 6 found this large turtle while doing the surveying on the Eight Mile Drainage Ditch Project.

The Turtle has a leg spread of 28 inches and was in an ugly mood when his picture was taken . He snapped menacingly at his captors,and hands and feet had to be kept at a safe distance least they be seperated from their owners.

The reptile snapped at a stick which the captors used to lift him into a sack an then hung on so grimley that a crowbar was needed to pry his jaws apart.

When a snapping turtle grows this large it is the sign of great age. It was estimated that it was nearly a hundred years old.

When asked what they were going to do with the turtle they said "Fry Him."

This was in the 1950 Big Picture

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