Greene County, Arkansas

This is the school picture which includes my father Samuel Frederick Mauk, about 10 or 11, his brother James Jackson Mauk, about 14 or 15,  and their sisters Ava Lee about 6 or 7  and Martha Miriam "Dutch" Mauk about 8 or 9.  They are the ones with the black dots on them - the boys in overalls (Jim near  the center of the top row and Sam near the center of the third row);  Ava Lee is at  the far left of the 4th row from the top and Mariam is near the center of the same row, with a bow  in her hair..   

Upon consideration of my aunts' ages at the time, the picture must have been taken about 1911 or 1912.  The four were born between 1896 and 1905.  Since their parents died when they were quite young,  the children may have been living with their grandmother and step-grandfather - Martha Staggs Moore and Sam Moore - at the time.   They lived on a farm near Paragould, or possibly near Marmaduke.   (I wish I had a copy of their 1910 census - that would probably pinpoint their location better).  I'm sorry I don't know more about the picture or the school.  I hope someone can identify the school and the teacher.

Thanks for using it!


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