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  I am researching Betty Mae and her short lived Hollywood connection at present, and would like to know if you would like to post a picture of Betty taken approximately 1942 just after she appeared in a not very popular movie of the late 1930s. I have not found the name of the movie yet, but am still searching.

Betty Mae Brown was the daughter of Septimus Brown and was born July 6, 1899 in Ellsinore, MO in Carter County. She married Ralph Waldo Brasher Sr in Cape Girardeau, MO, March 30, 1915 and became Betty Mae Brown Brasher. The happy couple would have two children; Ralph Jr in 1916 and Nolda May in 1918. They were divorced by the 1920 census.
    Sometime in the mid to late 1920s Betty would place her two children in homes for wayward children in Independence, MO. The two children were approximately 6 and 8 years old when this took place. They would remain there until 1933.
    Knowing her great beauty could not be concealed from the world for any great length of time, she headed for Hollywood where she would re-marry sometime in the 20s, 30s or 40s. (I suspect the 30s) The mystery man had a last name; "Stevenson," according to Betty Mae's death certificate of 1953, from Juneau, Alaska. No one in the family knows what his first name was.
    I know she appeared in a movie but have not one shred of evidence what the name was or what name she used; it could have been:
Betty Mae Brown
Mae or May Brown
Betty Brasher
Mae or May Brasher
Betty Stephenson
Betty Stevens
    Or any combination of the above names, but I suspect Brown.


Jim would love to have any information about her. There is another picture of her here, Picture Gallery 5.


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