Greene County, Arkansas ~~ Ellington, Williams, Lowe, Stricklin & Childers

Greene County, Arkansas

Ellington, Williams, Lowe, Stricklin and Childers Families

The pictures are from Greene and Craighead counties. These are pictures , that my great
grandmother Bertha and my grandmother Macel (Ellington) Dennen had in their possession.

DONATED BY : Robyn Dennen-Kimball

I am also researching the following surnames from Craighead and Greene Counties of Arkansas:

I give Sandy Matheny Hardin permission to include the pictures that will be forwarded
to her via email from Macel Ellington Dennen's family photo collection on her website.


Chalmus Ellington and Unknown

Unknown Child

Clara and Dolly Lowe

Gladys Nadine Garrison (Lula Lowe Garrison Daughter)

Homer Ellington and 2 women

Jack Worlow ~ Arkansas

Neva and Joyce Lowe

Neva Lowe

Mrs Henson and School Group

Neva & Joyce Lowe; Venegia, Macel, & Vaudine Ellington

Lena Childers & Zeffie Ellington Childers
Bertha & Homer Ellington

Vaudine and School Group

Olen Childers

Olen, Wilgus and Zeffie Ellington Childers

Olen Childers Zeffie and Homer Ellington

Olen Childers and Homer Ellington in buggy

Pete Worlow, Venegia, Macel, Chalmus ~ Miss River turtle

Vanace and Cora Bell Stricklin Ellington and Hershel

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