Can anyone in Greene Co identify these "dirty dozen" at Marmaduke?  Charley or Charlie Small with the arrow and name, was born in 1876 , in Morgan Co IN. (Charley was my husbands grandfather)  His father John and mother Rebecca (Steele, Steel) and Charlie did live in Greene Co.  Charley worked in and around that area and southern MO in the early 1900's(found in a small notebook) being born in Morgan Co IN .  I found on your marriage records where John had applied for licenses in 1909( Rebecca died 1908)   to Sarah Cronister, and Charley applied in 1907 to marry Allie Rodgers.  Found also Charlie's mother, Rebecca Steele was buried in Hartsoe Cemetery. Can you please help me find any  records of these people.  We have found in a family Bible an old letter written to Charlie and Allie Small, Romance AR from  John and Sarah  at Gainesville AR, dated 11/05/1920. Hope someone can identify these guys and the location.

Thank you,


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