Greene County, Arkansas

Miller School 1920 - 1930

The student body of Miller School gathers for this portrait in 1929 or 1930. Jack Taylor of Rt. 6, who supplied the photograph said the school was located in Mainshore community off highway 135 north at Paragould. The two-room structure consisted of what Taylor calls a "little room" for lower grades and "big room" for upper grades. Though Taylor's older brother Lester is pictured here, the school consolidated with Lakeside now East Elementary before Taylor started to school. Taylor didn't know a few of the names, and we've included the women's married names where they are known. FRONT ROW: Unknown, Winston Cunnins, Mildred Cummins, Rosalee Raines, *Geraldine Richmond Long, Helen Raines, Unknown, Vestal Mangrum (Crow), Ruth Fletcher, Edith Raines (Croft), Flora Balley (Shug) and Preston Batey. MIDDLE ROW: Sue Vaughn (McCullack), Aubrey Beaver, Fra?? Ellington (Moore), Nama Lemmons (Spillman), Jewel Johnson (Boling), Vivian Adams, Unknown, Rowena Vaughn (Hyde), Opal Mangrum and Mildred Ellington. BACK ROW: Lester Taylor, Walter Beaver, teacher Mack Blackwood, Sherman Ellington, Raymond Franks, George Batey, Unknown, Henry Hopkins, Herschel Batey, Winford Batey and Gut?? Batey .

* Is listed as Unknown 5th from left on front row. 

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