Greene County, Arkansas

"Land in Greene County neither bought nor sold"

There is a curious history of 40-acres 0f a Greene County farm that was never bought and has never been sold. Located on the old Commissary Road, three generations of the Morrow family have lived on this farm.

James Berry Morrow (1869-1958) in early Greene County days, was employed by the St. Louis Iron Mountain Railroad (Missouri Pacific). When he had completed his job, instead of the railroad paying him cash for his work, he was given instead of wages, a homestead of 40 acres, valued at $150.

This land had not been purchased by the railroad company, for thousands of acres had been donated by the government to encourage the building of railroads. James added another 40-acres to his farm through homesteading.

In 1881, James Morrow married Amelia Breckenridge (1868-1898). They were parents of four sons Waymon Daniel, Neat, Alvin and Cecil Berry, also one daughter, Vadie Alberta.

Son, Cecil Berry Morrow married Belva DeHart, daughter of Claudia Mae (Eubanks) and Henry DeHart. They were parents of three sons, Bobby, Jimmy, and Jerry; three daughters, Inetha, Wanethaand Joy.

Cecil Berry and Belva were given a deed in 1948, which read "To son and wife with love" to the original homestead on which they built a home.

Jerry Morrow married Dorris Shaffer, daughter of Maudie (Doughty) and Jim Shaffer. They are parents of two sons, Michael Keith born 1963 who married Tina Gramling in 1983, a second son, Mark was born in 1970.

Cecil Berry Morrow gave a deed to Jerry Morrow which read "To son Jerry with love", for an acreage of the original homestead on which they built a home. It is located across the road from the first home site of the grandfather's home.

(Told to Wanda Johnson by Mrs. Jerry Morrow)
Transcribed by Sandy Hardin


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