Greene County, Arkansas

Greene County Address Listing For 1916 -1917




Roberson J.P. 8
Rodgers Lether 11
Roberson H.B. 5
Robbs W.D. 14
Roberson Bob 15
Roberson Pat 15b
Rogers Mrs. R.t. 16
Ross Mis. Gage 14b
Roberson J.M. 6
Roberson Ceaf 1b
Rowland Ed 5a
Rosebury John H. 2a
Rowland Floyd 5a
Roagus Vernon 1
Robins Mrs. Mocwin 1a
Roberson Mrs. H.B. 5
Rowe D.F. 2a
Rodgers E.W. 2a
Rodgers Lovie 2a
Roy W.w. 4a
Roe Marvin 4a
Ross Mrs. 2a
Russett J.R. 1
Russill C.R. 1-2
Russell Wm. 1
Russell T.S. 1
Russom A.R. 6a
Ruffner George S. 3a
Russon A.R. 8a
Rosell E.J. 2a
Rowland Kale 8
Roberson Mrs. Ode 8
Rowland Will 7
Row Curtis 7a
Roper Mrs. Gennill 9a
Roberts Orel 12a
Roberson A.E. 14
Rodena Chls. 9a
Rolan Elvis 9a
Rogers J.W. 10
Roy W.w. 4a
Sharp Mary Mrs. 2
Sommons W.H. 4
Shane Ed 3
Schwamb F.L. 1
Summons J.H. 2a
Swafford White 1
Stacy A.A. 2
Sodler Elbert 2-3
Schwamb T.C. 2
Shaver E.E. 2a
Skaggs W.G. 4
Sadler Elbert 2-3
Skagg W.G. 4
Scott Vagil 2a
Sanders Roy H. 4a
Seal Rudy 4
Sanders Eoenest 6
Seitz Mrs. Wm. 6
Seitz Osom 3
Shepherd Mrs. 1
Sickles C.P. 1
Spence J.D. 1a
Shelby Joe 2a
Sheahorn T.L. 3- 5a
Shipman Harry 4
Stephanson C..M. 3a
Spence Ed 4a
Skaggs C.D. 4a
Shelton Mrs. Della & Gunigen 4a
Spence John 6
Short John 1a
Seal Rudy 4a
Sikes R W or Rowdy 6
Scott W. 2
Shook s.b. 1
Schuh C.L. 1
Shug John 5
Schugg Wiley 5a
Schugg Andy 5
Schugg Fritz 5a - 8a
Schug Ad 6
Smithers Matilda 4
Spain D.S. 2
Swafford White 2
Starnes P.M. 13
Spain Jonce 18

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