Greene County, Arkansas

Paragould Sanitarium Souvenir Catalogue

Dated 1907

*This was given to me by my Great Aunt, she found it in an old trunk of her mothers*

The Front Cover

Page 1

Abrahams & Smith

The Best In Dry Goods
Customers Are Always Satisfied

We conduct our business in a way that will hold the confidence of customers

In Dry Goods, Shoes and Notions
Our Aim is to Give the Best Values

Abrahams & Smith

Is Your Property Insured?

If It Is Not, Tell J. C. Ford, & He Will Place Your Risk Where it Will Be Safe.

REPRESENTS the strongest companies in existence, both in State and Foreign and his motto is "HONEST DEALINGS AND QUICK ADJUSTMENTS." In dealing with all alike his record is his reference. If it is inconvenient for you to call on him, just telephone and he will call on you. Trust in him and you will be safe.


The Paragould Sanitarium
Souvenir Catalouge

Conducted By
Drs. Dickson & Dickson

Paragould, Arkansas

Page 3

You Will Have to Do Some CLOSE FIGURING

To make both ends meet unless you prepare yourself to do something that will insure you a fair compensation. If you can do nothing except what everybody else can do, you can never hope to earn a very large salary. If you fit yourself to do something only a few can do, and something the world wants done, then you are assured of god pay, and the better you do the work the better the pay will be.   
  If you want to qualify yourself for service for which there will always be a large demand, take a thorough business and short hand course in our school and you will have an excellent start on the road to business success. You will then get your share of the necessary cash to pay all expenses and will be able to save something besides, which may be deposited in the saving bank, or invested in some good business enterprise when the right opportunity presents itself. 
  We can give you the right kind of training and instruction and start you on the road to success and happiness. We will be glad to prove to yo that every day you delay this important matter means loss to you.

Parrish   Business   College,    Business Course     
   B. H. Parrish, President        Shorthanc Course            $4o

Page 4

Page 5

Page 6

Paragould Sanitarium 1907

Page 7

Dr. J. R. Black ~ Eye Specialists

Page 8

On The Steps

Page 9

Page 10

In The Library

Page 11

J. C. Crowell Groceries  &  The Elk Cafe

Page 12

A Corner In The Dining Room

Page 13

A Square Deal On The Square
Smith Long & Son

Page 14

Clerk's Room

Page 15

W. W. Meriwether & Son Hardware Co.

The Globe Drug Store

Page 16

Gentlemen's Ward

Page 17

H. J. Green ~ Dentist     The Star Bakery

Page 18

Mrs. M. E. Dickson Room

Page 19

Something New Under The Sun
TARAX-OL is the medicine

Page 20

A. E. Clark & Son       A. E. Ayers

Page 21

Baptist Room

Page 22

Paragould Plumbing

Page 23

The City Bakery ~ John Kolb
Stedman Hardware

Page 24

Otey Bros. ~ The Ideal Down Mattress

Page 25

Paragould Trust Company
Paragould Title & Abstract Co.
S. M. Shane & Co. Insurance

Page 26

Bath Room

Page 27

JNO. V. LANDRUM ~ Insurance
Dr. Furman J. Sisson ~ OPH-THAL-MOL-O-GIST

Page 28

Methodist Room

Page 29

Reilly Mercantile Co.
Paragould Bakery

Page 30

Private Reading Room

Page 31

Bank of Commerce   Real Estate and Insurance

Page 32

Private Bed Room

Page 33

Paragould Academy

Page 34

Surgical Dressing Room

Page 35

The First National Bank
O. C. Crumpton ~ Salesman

Page 36

The Operating Room

Page 37

The Daily and Weekly Soliphone
Drs. Dickson and Dickson
Cole & Knox Insurance

Page 38

Bertig's Department Store

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