Storms in Greene County, Arkansas

Weather plays a big part of our families history examples, floods, tornadoes, earthquakes etc....

 If you or your family have photo's of some of our storms in Greene Co. please email me at: 

This picture was from the Paragould Daily Press July 1, 1976

Caption from photo:

Snow and Wind

In 1918 , a snowstorm downed the city's fairly new power lines and left Paragould covered . Shown in the photo Court St. (at left) courtesy Sue Cline , are the old post office the Danville building and the present city hall. Tornadoes have also been frequent vistors , with several deaths reported in the late 1800's. Shown below , in a photo from Russell Carmickle , is wreckage from a 1947 storm.


Paragould Daily Press July 1, 1976


What a Blizzard!


Paragould got plenty of "the white stuff" Jan. 15, 1918 . Shown here are two scenes of the downtown business district after , the snow finally stopped coming.


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