Greene County Arkansas


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Page 1 Tabor, Billy ~ Tarwater, John A. Page 2 Tate, A.D. ~ Tausil, Earl
Page 3 Taylor, A. L. ~ Taylor, Joseph R. Page 4 Taylor, Kamron S. ~ Tayon, Donald
Page 5 Teachout, Quinn E. ~ Tennison, Wayne Page 6 Terrell, Charles ~ Texter, Morris E. Jr.
Page 7 Thacker, C. ~ Thixton, J.F. Page 8 Thoelle, Jeffrey N. ~ Thomas, William L.
Page 9 Thomason, A.C. ~ Thompson, Everett S. Page 10 Thompson, F.A. ~ Thompson, Kenny
Page 11 Thompson, L.A. ~ Thomson, Ben Page 12 Thone, Ronald C. ~ Throneberry, Keith N.
Page 13 Thurman, A.G. ~ Thurston, Edward H. Page 14 Tibbles, David W. Jr. ~ Tison, Alfred
Page 15 Tobey, Joel D. ~ Tozzio, Mark Page 16 Tracer, Audy V. ~ Traywick, William L.
Page 17 Treadaway, Beverly ~ Trivitt, Thurlo Page 18 Troech, Will ~ Tschorniawsky, Walter
Page 19 Tubb, Dennis ~ Tune, Patrick Page 20 Turberville, Don ~ Turner, William H.
Page 21 Turpin, Curtis ~ Tyson, Elvis   .


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