Greene County, Arkansas
Marriage Bond, License & Certificate

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Names of Bride and Groom


C.F. ( Charles Franklin ) Browning and Lula Autry

Oct. 6, 1898

Levi Newberry and Alice Wood

Dec. 28, 1881

George W. Howard to Ines E. Maple 

Feb. 2, 1929

George W. Howard to Gracie Jackson 

July 19, 1919

Valentine Howard to Pearl Jackson (Arnes)

Nov. 6, 1918

Askins, Otis Benjamin to Gladys A. Helms

Dec. 23, 1922

Askins, Virgil to Gladys Gail Mott

Nov. 29, 1925

Breckenridge, Billy B. to Betty Lou Askins

Mar. 8, 1948

Dover, Glen to Vira Mae Askins

Jan. 30, 1926

Edwards, Clifton to Geneva Askins

Aug. 11, 1945

Griggry, Houston T. to Kathleene Askins

Nov. 5, 1942

Kersey, Jessie J. to Bertha Askins

Jun. 12, 1916

Medsker, Admiral Dewey to Nova Faye Askins

Sep. 16, 1922

Mullins, James A. to Vertia Rae Askins

Aug. 3, 1949

Towell, Amos Duane to Faye Askins

Aug. 20, 1946

Belk, William Powell to Cora Eubanks Askins

Aug. 4, 1908

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