Greene County, Arkansas


October 19, 1894

The Paragould Southeastern people propose to celebrate the opening of their bridge across the St. Francis in a most ceremonious way. They will have Hon. P. D. McCulloch to orate on the occasion, a free excursion will be given, citizens from St. Louis, Memphis, and Little Rock will be present to join  in the jubilee. It will be a great day for Eastern Arkansas.   On the occasion of the opening of the railroad bridge across the St. Francis, it would be fitting to close the evening of that memorable day with a banquet to the honor and long life of President W. C. Hasty; Vice President, A. Bertig and Director, S. W, Fordyce. The men who undertake and carry out great enterprises for communities deserve the hearty plaudits of those benefited.
Transcribed by: Sandy Hardin 2oo6


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