Greene County, Arkansas ~ Death of the first Greene County boy to be killed in World War 1 Greene County, Arkansas

Obituary of First Greene County Man to Fall in Action in World War 1

From the Weekly Soliphone, of June 27, 1918.


  Spirit of Ranzie Adams Wafted into Eternity Through the Sacred Folds of Old Glory

Farewell Expression of Patriotism to His Mother on Eve of Leaving.


News of the death of the first Greene County boy to be killed in action reached Paragould late Saturday afternoon.  Ranzie Adams, who enlisted last summer with Company H, organized under Capt. Cecil Shane in this city, was killed while fighting on the western front, on May 28.  One of the most patriotic demonstrations ever given in this city was for the brave boys, members of this company, just before they entrained for camp on the 5th of  last August. 

Mr. Adams completed his service training in Camp Beauregard and when Company H was disbanded he was assigned to Company A, 154th infantry, the company with which he went overseas on April 22.

Mr. Adams' mother, Mrs. Emma Mayo, lives near Bethel on Route 1.  When the telegram announcing her son's death came, she almost broke down, but today is bearing her loss bravely.  She said to a representative of the Daily Press this morning, "My boy said just before he left me, 'Mother, don't worry.  I will give the last drop of my blood for my country, willingly and gladly, before I would see those Huns overrun our land and deal with you and sister as they have with women of Belgium and France.'"  Mrs. Mayo continued with tears in her eyes and her voice quivering, "It nearly breaks my heart to lose my boy.  To Have died so far from home, but I am glad to give him for his country.  Glad that he had the strong heart, courage and honor to volunteer and go gladly"

Mrs. Mayo had a cablegram and two letters from her son after he landed in France.  The last letter received was written by him on May 27, one day before the official announcement stated that he met his death in battle.  His last letter to her was cheerful, telling her not to worry about him and not even then telling her that he was in the front line trenches.

Mr. Adams is survived by one sister, Miss Artie Adams, of Darr, Tenn., and two half-brothers and two half-sisters.  He was born twenty-three years ago in Gibson county, Tenn.  He came to this city with his mother seven years ago.  Soon after coming to Greene County he went to work at the Wrape heading mill and worked later for a short time at J. F. Hasty & Sons' factory.  He was living with his mother at the time of volunteering in Company H.

Four other casualties have been reported which include Greene county boys.  The first was John DeBow, nephew of Mr. And Mrs. Guy Fligor of this city, who died at sea of pneumonia and whose body was buried in Paragould in April. 

News was received on May 14 of death from wounds received in action of Wilmer L. Childers of Walcott.  Announcements were received in May that Lester P. Wilson had been wounded in action, also that M. O. Raley was among those slightly wounded.  Mr. Raley has since returned to the trenches.

Announcements were received this morning that those other members of Company H have landed safely in France.  These are Arthur Dees, son of Mrs. Mary Dees of this; Rufe Boone, son of H. R. Boone of this city, and Andy Freeman, nephew of Mrs. Sallie Freeman.       Transcribed by: Sandy Hardin

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