Greene County, Arkansas
Directors For League Chosen and Announced

Monday , October 27, 1919

Soliphone Newspaper


All Protestant Churches in Paragould Represented 
  in Announcement Meeting Tomorrow Afternoon

The following women have been chosen from the different churches as directors of the Young Women's Christian League and they will please come together Sunday afternoon at three o'clock at the First Methodist Church for the purposes of completing the organization and electing officers:

First Methodist Church

Mrs. Harry Donaldson

Mrs. Will Trice

Miss Wint Mack


First Baptist Church

Mrs. Ed Shane

Mrs. C.H. Joyce

Miss Bettye Brown


Espiscopal Church

Mrs. Griffin Smith

Mrs. Arthur Jackson

Mrs. Lue Monroe


Cumberland Presbyterian

Miss Jennie Knox

Mrs. R.L. Alexander

Miss Anna Ware Douglas


Southern Presbyterian

Mrs. J.O. McCadden

Mrs. A.E. Haegler

Miss Zoe Allen


First Christian Church

Mrs. Brad Thompson

Mrs. Belle Wall

Miss Mary Alexander

East Side Methodist


Mrs. C.T. Key

Mrs. Fields

Mrs. Bettie Hysmith

East Side Baptist

Miss Louise Adams


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