Eight Men Tried For Crap Shooting And Fined $10.00 Each

Soliphone Wed. Oct. 15, 1919

The fray over a crap game near Gubertown on the night of October 4th, which resulted in the serious injury of Joe Robinson who is alleged to have been struck over the head by Will Beckman, a constable of that neighborhood, has resulted in a general reform among the crap shooters of that section. Eight men, who live around Main Shore and who were in the game the night Robinson was almost fatally injured, were tried yesterday before Justice of the Peace J. M. Grimes, after they had come to Paragould and submitted to Sheriff Robert Elmore . The men were fined ten dollars each and costs, which amounted to thirty dollars each, or a sum total of two hundred and forty dollars. The men who submitted: L. L. Lawrence, Raymond Yow, Element Moore, Arthur Crockett, C. M. Carpenter, Luther Colbert, J. R. McDaniels, and Boss Sims.

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