Greene County, Arkansas

Some of Greene County's Oldest Native Citizens

Citizens Compared With Cemetery Records

John T. McHaney

Born in Friendship Community 93 years ago on Nov. 24, 1865. Mr. McHaney was a farmer until past 70, when he moved to Paragould. He retired 15 years ago after operating a collection agency and resides at 217 N. Sec. St.


Fulton Van Wadley

Reared and farmed near his birthplace one mile south of Center Hill Church before 25 years employment with Missouri- Pacific Railroad in Little Rock . Returned to Paragould , 635 W. Vine , after retirement ten years ago. Now 83 , born Sept. 25, 1875.


Kathleen M. Penny

Daughter of the late R.H. and Ann E. Gardner , now 72, born Aug. 29, 1886 in Paragould . Resides today with youngest daughter , Mrs. John T. Cooper and family on Route 6.


J.A. McDaniel

Now 91 , born Nov. 19, 1867 at Friendship near Bethel . Farmed on same land owned by father until 14 years ago. Now retired and lives with Mrs. McDaniel at 336 W. Hunt.


J.E. Eaker

Resident of Union Township on Route 2 on a farm three miles west of
Gainesville his entire life. Now 84, Mr. Eaker was born on Oct. 27, 1874.

Acknowledging Other "Old Timers"

Because of limited space and lack of photographs , pictures of many of the older natives of Greene County are not reproduced here . Program comittee workers regret that more were not available, as well as the possible oversight of any of the country's original citizens . Names of some of these respected people are listed below:

Mrs. Ora Yantis

Sam Chunn

Mrs. Minnie Ford

Mrs. Harry Thomas

Loly B. Rogers

Joe Hensley

Sam Carter

Albert Snowden

Golve Faulkner

J.C. Miller

Mrs. Ola Cleveland

Mrs. Will Jones

W.W. Diggs

J.H. Barnhill

W.J. Beard

E.C. Walden

Lucy Dennis

T.J. Dennis

Charles T. Bishop

Dr. J.D. Blackwood

W.P. Breckenridge

George Bryant

Mrs. Hattie House

Mrs. Frank Cardwell

Mrs. Guy Adams

Jim A. Hayes

S.A. Graves

Maurice Miller

J.A. Edwards

J.J. Elmore

Jim H. King

Mrs. Ettie Fahr

Henry Farley

Ab Fletcher

Eli Breckenridge

Tom Haley

Mrs. Walter Potter

Darrell Mack

O.H. Barner

W.J. Fricke

O.E. Edwards

Mun Agee

Dave Barnhill

G.J. Johnson

Jim Slatton

Mrs.Arthur Stewart

Mrs. Cal Willcockson

S.M. Gregory

Mrs. Maggie Lemmons

Mrs. J.M. Lemmons

Mrs. J.S. Yates

Mrs. J.W. Turpin

Miss Josephine Hyde

Francis Hyde

George Tomlinson

Mrs. Gilford Greenway

Mrs. M.F. Hammond

Mrs. Elizabeth Howell

Sam McHaney

Louis Schwamb

Mrs. Anna Causey

Mrs. J.M. Lowe

Arthur Stewart

Hardy Neely

Mrs. Elizabeth Moore

Mrs. J.E. Wilbourn

Mrs. Ida Bandy


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