Greene County, Arkansas
The Judge's Docket

From The Soliphone Newspaper April 1909

Friday , April 9, 1909

Chancery Court Judge Robertson completed the 1909 Spring 
Term yesterday afternoon and left for his home at Wynne , Ar.

The Docket For Spring Term 1909

1. M.R. Coffman vs. St. Francis Drainage District. Cont. by consent.         
2. Hayden Maddox vs. M.J. and R.J. Greeth. Decree for plantiff and 
   clerk appointed master in chancery to state account.         
3. Mollie Hunter vs. John W. Going Decree for defendants.         
4. A.M. Knight vs. M. M. Wood , report of commissions approved and 
   appeal granted.         
5. J.F. Hasty and sons vs. Lawrence McIntosh. Report sales filed and
   deed ordered.         
6. N. Donaldson vs. Olive and Grace Parsons. Report of sale filed and
   deed ordered.         
7. Same ordered in Bertig Bros. vs. J. A. Thorton.         
8. Olive Parsons Patton vs. R. A. Bradsher . Sale filed and deed ordered.         
9. Sarah E. Hitchingham exparte petitioner . Sale final and deed ordered.         
10. Paragould Trust Co. vs. A. H. and E. F. Glassock. Sale final and deed
11. Turley Dye vs. Ellen Dye divorce decree for plaintiff on grounds of 
12. Lesser - Goldman Cotton Co. vs. Clymer, Smith and Hutchinson
    at cost of E.J. Smith.         
13. J.T. McBride vs. E.J. Smith sale confirmed, deed ordered.         
14. Paragould Trust Co. vs Ruth Hampton report sale confirmed,
    deed ordered.         
15. Same ordered as to E.J. and Etta Smith.         
16. Same order as to Gustav Kunzs vs. Glasscock.         
17. Lindsey Sanders vs. Jeff Minnis decree for plantiff.         
18. Minnie G. Brake vs. C.L. Sides defendant given 30 days to
    file answer.         
19. W.S. Luna vs. J. H. Kitchens decree by default.         
20. 1st National Bank vs F.M. and M.J. Gower. Judgement stay
    of judgment to Oct.1st.         
21. L.A. Wilson vs Maragret Wilson answer of defendant 
    allowed $50.00 as part of attorney's fee $50.00 for
    costs and $25.00 per month alimony.         
22. Deloeb vs Smith Glasscock decree for foreclosure for amount of debt.         
23. Cora Tredaway vs Joe Tredway for divorcee, cause desertion.         
24. A. W. Brown vs Rosa Brown decree for divorce cause desertion.         
25. Walter Smith vs Alice Smith cause desertion.         
26. Mandie Gardner vs Ras Gardner decree for divorce cause desertion.         
27. Maggie Sherman vs Albert Sherman divorce of plaintiff awarded
    custody of child. Cause cruelty.         
28. Mrs. Maggie E. Bray vs W.C. & Mattie Pigue & J.W. Cole foreclosure.         
29. C.C. Smith vs. M. J. Smith divorce.         
30. T.H. Whitney petitioner for removal of disability of minority



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