Greene County, Arkansas


JAN. 15 , 1915


Bank Of Marmaduke, Levi Roberts Store And Post Office Were Burned Last Night.


At twelve o'clock last night a fire, originating in the rear of the store owned by Levi Roberts at Marmaduke, destroyed the Roberts store, The Bank of Marmaduke and the Post Office. It is said the store and bank property was totally destroyed, but that the fixtures and all the important matter in the Post Office were saved. The funds of the bank securely locked in a large safe, were of course not injured by the fire, but the office fixtures and many valuable papers belonging to cashier Randal, who operated a Real Estate and Insurance Agency in the bank were lost in the conflagration.

The total loss in buildings, merchandise and fixtures is estimated at 15,000, partially covered by insurance.

It is stated that a young man working in a livery stable immediately in the rear of the Roberts store discovered the blaze at midnight. The alarm was immediately given and nearly every man in Marmaduke responded to fight the flames. By the splendid work done with buckets the fire was confined to three buildings and the remainder of the block was left intact.

Transcribed By: Sandy Hardin

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