Greene County, Arkansas

From the Daily Soliphone
January 2, 1902


In the Pest House

Jeff Henderson of the Soliphone is in the pest house with a well developed case of small pox. He returned from Sharp county Wednesday morning where he had spent the holidays visiting his father and other relatives. He went to work as usual and in the afternoon, Dr. Scott came to the office and examined him. The doctor said, he had an incipient case of smallpox and immediately placed him in quarantine and last night sent him to the pest house. Dr. Scott then proceeded to fumigate all the Soliphone force and the office, as a precautionary means of preventing those who had come in contact with Henderson from taking the disease. Dr. Scott says the patient was not in the contagious state and that he has no serious apprehensions about any of the *force* taking the disease.

J. L. Johnston and wife who have been in the pest house for the past month will likely be discharged Saturday. Henderson will have *an/a* siege of about two weeks of confinement. Henderson does not know how or when he contracted the disease.

*can't really tell if this is the correct word*                                                         Transcribed by: Sandy Hardin

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