Greene County, Arkansas

Piano Contest

At Walls Drug Store

April 12, 1909

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Standing of Candidates

Ruth Stimpson

Mattie Whitsitt

Bess Graves

Nell Poindexter

Mary Alice Perkins

Francis Morgan

Katie Johnson

Dot M. Lodge

Myrtle Walker

Altha Thrower

Mary Empfield

Maze Collier

Lena Apperson

Maude Howell

Murial Genge

Bonnie Riggsbee

Edna Turner

Euvila Schue

Mary Hodges

Mildred Block

Ruby Wilson

Sadie Waxman

Mary Thompson

Ethel Bledsoe

Aurie Terrell

Francis Boslen

Harriet Hasty

Almeda Jones

Elizabethe Morgan

Ined Weatherly

Gagie Ross

Flossie Ross

Lucy Lackner

Anna Kingston

Cecil Apperson


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