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8--Section 1, Centennial Edition                                                                                                                    Paragould Daily Press, Monday, August 29,  1983


Paragould City Hall 1929: Firefighters pose with the city's two engines in front of the city hall-fire station on North Pruett. From left are: John Butler, Guy McAllister G. W. "Bun" Miller, Pete Kitchens, Claud Highfill, George Rechtin, Ben Gregg, Ralph Nesler, E. O. Newsom, Ed Stanton, G. A. "Tuff" Baker and fire chief Jim Taylor with Leo Schmuecker in the background near the station entrance. On the far left can be seen a portion of the bandstand that graced the city park at the southeast corner of Pruett and Poplar. City Hall remained at this site until it was moved into the old Dickson Memorial Hospital in 1950.



Early Paragould Petitioners

   The petition seeking incorporation of the town of Paragould was submitted to County Clerk R. H. Gardner at the Gainesville courthouse on Jan. 15, 1883 , by John B. Boykin and D. B. Warren legal representatives of the 77 petitioners.

   County Judge John Osteen heard the petition on March 3, 1883 "and ordered that said territory described in the within petition be organized as prayed for and that said town be incorporated according to law."
   The petitioners included--- as best as the hand -written record can be deciphered in order.
J.M. Landrum, A.P. Cox, Silas A. Whitley, S. B. Vaughn, G.R. Ray, H. L. Bramlet, E.D. Carrigan, W.H. Armstrong, M.J. Latta, J. W. Davis, W. L. Hays, C. Rowland, F. N. Carter, A.B. Glisson, M.V. Camp, S.L. Ward, Nathan Harris, W.C. Okley, Chris Ritter, A. Knight, J.B. Smith, Frank S. Jost, I. M. Thompson, G.W. Thompson, J.H. Herrion, J.S. Hooper, D.H. Walls, A.H. Tinin, W.W. Lowery, George W. Cox, J.M. Williams , W.Y. Fuley, James B. Williamson , T.C. Spain, H.C. Hill, C.F. Wilson, J.A. Steadman, W.H. Foster, J.A.J. Baker, J. M. Minton , Wilson Hunt, E. C. Hunter, D.P. Norvell, W.S. Pruet, R.W. Hunt, D.A. Smith, B.F. Cornstock, J.G. Brewer, C.D. Pruet, D.D. Hodges, J.E. Garland, J.H. Grantham, J.L. Poindexter, D.S. Spain, W.L. Strickland, John M.Davis, A.J. Hall, R.H. Rutledge, W.A. Simmons jr., D.L. McClamrock, J.C. Glass, A.W. Safley, John Cox, W.T. Hale, J.A. Dickson, R.Corman, G.W. Fisher, J.R. Turner, J.R. Thomp-son, E.S. Bray, A. Grisby, J.W. Cooper, W.A. Strickland, M.H. Willis, William Wright, L.C. Thompson, and J.A. Thompson.
   Ten years later after the town's incorporation , its population exceeded 2,500 allowing it to be ranked the following year as a second class city.
   The population had doubled to 5, 122 by 1907 and first-class status was awarded on Dec. 31 of that year.


Paragould had just gotten its first paved streets
in 1912 and this horse-drawn water wagon is
identified as the city's first street cleaning equip-
ment. The same water wagon may have been
used to sprinkle dirt streets in an effort to miti-
gate the dust problem during dry spells.

.... ***===============================***

This crew appears to be laying a water line along a street identified as being North Pruett near its intersection with Plum Street. The cryptic hand-written legend on the back of this photograph reads simply: "Herbert Thompson,
J. M. Moore, -- Pollock on N. Pruett and Plum sts. 1905." Paragould is said to have gotten its first city water system in 1896.

...  ***===============================***

Livestock on the loose was a constant problem in Para-gould's early years. This pig was photographed ambling across Main Street in the direction of the Bertig brothers' homes. Most city residences at the times had fences -- wood or wire -- mainly to keep livestock, including cattle, from trespassing. A hotly-contested referendum election was said to have been held on an ordinance banning pigs from Pruett Street, with opponents of the measure arguing that the animals provided sanitary benefits by eating the garbage and sewage dumped in the streets.




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