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"Firms Change with Times"

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"Butch" Heath became co-managers
on July 1, 1982, when their parents retired. The business was incorpor-ated on that date. Verlyn and Helen Heath are the owners of the corporation.

Martin's Grocery
   Martin's Grocery at 4105 W.
Kingshighway was purchased by
Thurman Martin in 1945. He retired in
January 1982 and died four weeks
later. His daughter, Thurma Lee
Qualls, began operating the store on
Jan. 1, 1982.

Child Art Studio
  Child Art Studio, now located at 211
N. Pruett St., was established in No-
vember 1945 by Brownie Hollenic and Bob Knight. It was located over Roslyn's. The studio was purchased by Bill Hunter and Burk Brinton in November 1947 and remained over Roslyn's until about 1952 when it moved to its present location.
   At that time, the business occupied
half of the building with Mosely's je-
welry store. After about a year, Hunt-
er and Brinton purchased the jewelry
store and sold it so they could have
the entire building. Brinton remained
a partner until about 1955 when he
sold his interest to Hunter and continu-
ed in the paint business. He was the
first manager of Sherwin Williams'
paint store in Paragould.

McHaney True Value Hardware
   McHaney True Value Hardware at
206 N. Pruett St. was started by Pete
and Lanette Gregory on Jan. 14, 1946. Originally known as Gregory Hardware Store, it was purchased by Nelson McHaney on Sept. 1, 1967.
The business has had three expan-
sions. McHaney changed the name of
the store in January 1968 when he
joined the True Value buying co-op.

   KDRS Inc., which now owns radio
stations KDRS and KLQZ on Tower
Drive, was started on Jan. 1, 1947, by
Ted Rand, T.M. Self and Eads Doug-
las, all deceased. Maxine Self Rand
was also an owner.
   The station was at Tower Drive
until January 1962 when it was reloca-
ted to the Ford building. It was moved back to Tower Drive on March 16, 1976. KLQZ was established on
March 5, 1983.
   Tim Rand is the president and Carol
Rand Herget is the vice president;
they are co-owners.

Farmers's Cooperative Exchange
   Farmers' Cooperative Exchange
was established in 1947 by farmers.
The cooperative was originally at 112
E. Poplar St., where the Greene County library once was located. The business was incorporated on Nov. 28, 1947.
   In 1953 the co-op moved to its pre-
sent location at 105 E. Kingshighway.
It expanded its services by purchasing
the Alco elevator on Pekin Road in
1981. Allan Bounds is the manager.


  Arrow Auto Parts
Arrow Auto Parts was established
about 1948 by Bernard Samuels and
was sold to Al Jetel in 1973. It was
sold again in 1982 to Pat Hamlin. The
business is located at 220 E. Hunt St.,
and George Allen is the manager.

Ed Roleson Jr. Inc.
   Ed Roleson Jr. Inc. was founded in
1949 as Falstaff Distributing by Ed
Roleson Jr. The business added Car-
ling brands in 1960 and became a
Miller distributor in 1967.
   The wholesale beer distributor was
incorporated and became Ed Roleson
Jr. Inc. in 1972 and has been at its
current location at 400 W. Baldwin  St. since April 1978.
   Ed Roleson Jr. died in 1979 and
Mike Roleson became president of the company.

Hamilton Hardware
   Hamilton Hardware at 207 S. Pruett
St., a retail hardware store, was es-
tablished in its present location by
Homer and Beatrice Craver about
1950. Jean and Kenneth Hamilton purchased the store in 1968.

Paragould Concrete Co.
   The Ready Mix concrete plant at 905 S. Fifth St. was established by Fred Hickson in 1951. It operated as Hickson-Rogers and Hickson Lumber Co. until 1968, when it was purchased by Dewayne Allen. It then became Allen-Hickson Inc.
   The Allen-Hickson Ready Mix plant
ceased operation in 1975. Paragould
Concrete Co., which was established
in 1981, reopened this July.

Dairy Queen
   Dairy Queen, owned by Paul B. Grogan, was established on March 20, 1953, at 508 S. Fourth St. Grogan said he believes Dairy Queen is the oldest restaurant in the city which is still owned by the original owner.

Batten's Pastry
   Mr. and Mrs. Albert Batten started
Batten's Pastry in their garage on
Thompson Street in June 1957. They
moved the business to the present lo-
cation at 509 W. Kingshighway in the
fall of 1965.
   The Battens started the business as
a sideline. Bill and Bonnie Abbott pur-
chased the business in April 1980.

Kirk and Brazil Construction Co.
   Kirk and Brazil Construction Co.
was established in 1979 at the present
offices at 100 Airport Road. The pa-
rent company, Earl Kirk Construction
Co., was incorporated to perform the
construction business in 1958.
   Before that time the company ope-
rated as a construction division of
Earl Kirk Inc. and Merriweather and
Kirk which was established in Sep-
tember 1945 at offices on East Kings-
highway on the second floor of the
John Deere building. In the early years, the construction division started
erecting grain bins for area farmers.
   Charles C. Brazil is president of
Kirk & Brazil, and Earl Kirk is presi-
dent of Earl Kirk Construction Co.


Photo Caption:
Changes on Main

It's been quite a few years since horses were liveried on Main Street or cars sold from the parkway. At left, John Rosson, who moved to Paragould in 1883, operated a feed and sale stable in the 100 block of West Main Street, next door to where Percy's Pool Parlor is now located. In 1929, the latest in automotive
horsepower could e seen on the south side of the Clyde Mack store.

Top Photo courtesy: Cathryne Lane

Bottom Photo courtesy: The Big Picture Files


Towell's Paragould Shoe Store
   Towell's Paragould Shoe Store,
owned by Duane Towell, originated on April 16, 1966, at 117 N. Pruett St. N.W. Kelley came to Paragould
from Batesville on March 29, 1941, and started the business in its present location. It was known as Paragould
Shoe Store.

Farmers Market
   Farmers Market was established in
1965 and was an IGA store until June
15, 1981, when H. Irvin Morris and
Charles Sullivan bought the business
from Clayton Jamison. The supermar-
ket is located on West Kingshighway.

Southern Realty Co.
   Southern Realty Co., which is a ge-
neral real estate broker, was estab-
lished Jan. 14, 1969, at 113 W. Emerson St.

Pannell Ford-Mercury Inc.
   Pannell Ford-Mercury Inc. started
as Pannell Motor Co., but changed to
its present title in January 1982. It
was established on Nov. 30, 1972, and moved to its present location on the U.S. Hwy. 49 on Aug 15, 1975. Doy Pannell is the owner and manager

Southern Insurance Agency
   Southern Insurance Agency at 113
W. Emerson St. was established on
Dec. 11, 1974, as a general insurance
agency. Nola Thompson is the manager.

McKelvey Tire and Service Co.
   Jack, Tim and Earl McKelvey pur-
chased B & E Tire and Service Co.
from Ernest Cooper and Bobby Hub-
ble, who had been in business at 1503
E. Kingshighway where McKelvey's
Tire and Service Co. is now located.
After they owned the business for 3-
1/2 years, the McKelveys changed
the name in 1979. The business sells new and used tires, performs field service, road service, wheel balancing and alignment and mechanical repairs.

   Chaffin-Cothren Chrysler Plymouth
Dodge was purchased in 1982 by
Charles Chaffin and J. C. Cothren from Doy Pannell when the business was located on U.S. Hwy. 49. It is now located at 501 W. Kingshighway.

Tom Kirk Chevrolet-Olds
    Tom Kirk Chevrolet-Olds Inc. at 315 S. Second St. was established on Oct. 22, 1982. Thomas J. Kirk is the owner.
   From 1923 to 1926 Joe Bertig was
the owner of Joe Bertig Co. Joe Wood owned Joe Wood Chevrolet (1926-1956), Wilford Horton owned Horton Chevrolet-Olds Inc. (1956-1978), Hank Broyles owned Hank Broyles Chevrolet-Olds Inc. (1978-1981), and Johnny Morgan and Thomas J. Kirk owned Morgan & Kirk Chevrolet-Olds Inc. from 1981 to 1982.

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