Greene County Arkansas

Paragould, Arkansas

Centennial Edition Section 2

18- Section 2, Centennial Edition                                                                                                                      Paragould Daily Press, Monday, August 29, 1983




top left photo:
Ralph H. Taylor, teacher, and students at the Gum Grove School 1912
photo courtesy: Lucille Taylor

bottom left photo:
Brighton School, Nov. 27, 1908
photo courtesy Olah Waters

top right photo:
Union Hill School, Aug. 12, 1897
photo courtesy: Dr. C.W. Starnes

bottom right photo:
Pleasant Hill School about 1910, John Isaac Horton, teacher
photo courtesy: Edward L. Horton
  Schools in Greene County

   Fifty  years  ago,  Greene  County  had  72 school  districts.
But the consolidation movement that would lead to the present seven districts had already begun.
   Kay Jackson, secretary to the County Board of Education, who has  gone back  through old records  and  compiled a list of more than  90  school  districts,  is sure  even  that  list is  not  complete.
   A 1930  school map  shows  83 districts,  four  of which were
consolidated districts -- Greene County  No. 1, Walcott, Beech Grove and Alexander -- and two special districts --the same two we have now, Paragould and Marmaduke. Just three years later,  in 1933,  there  were five more consolidated districts -- Pleasant Hill, Mooring, Delaplaine, Lafe-Hooker and Oak Grove.
   Consolidation  accelerated  in  the 1940s,  especially  with the formation of Greene County Tech, and by 1948 the seven districts we have today were intact.


Transcribed from the 1983 Centennial Edition by : PR Massey

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