Greene County Arkansas

Paragould, Arkansas

Centennial Edition Section 3


Monday, August 29, 1983~Paragould Daily Press



Photo courtesy Melba Martindale


Photo courtesy Mary Esther Herget


Photo courtesy Cathryne Lane

  Some "kodaking" expeditions focused on more than just       These members of the National Embrodery Club, as they called
  good times, as this before-and-after sequence shows.       themselves, may not have done much embroidery, but they did
  The heavy snow of 1917 was the intended subject in the       take a lot of Kodak photographs and pose for a lot of Kodak
  top photo of West Side School. But Mrs. Edgar Herrick       photographs
  retraced her steps a few days later to snap a picture        
  of the burned out school.        


   When George Eastman developed   It camewith a roll of 100 frames. After that    his distinctive camera and chose the
  his Kodak camera in 1888, it   film was used, the camera was taken    letter "k" because it seemed to him
  revolutionized photography.   to a developer, who unloaded the film    to be a "strong, incisive sort of letter."
        in the dark, developed and printed the    
   No longer would picture-taking be   pictures and returned the camera with       And that new word begat another.
  the province of a few handful of pro-   a new load of film ready to go. That   "Kodaking" became the thing to do
  fessionals. Now, everyone could take   process continued until daylight load-   on an otherwise lazy Sunday afternoon
  pictures. And did. "You press the but-   ing film was introduced in 1895.      In Paragould, the railroad tracks and
  ton, we do the rest" became the slo-      Eastman's handy snapshot camera    the mills near them were favorite
  gan of Eastman's company.   also introduced a new word into the   kodaking" sites. But, as these pictures"
   Early hobbyists didn't even have to   American vocabulary. He had purposely   show, just about any place would do.
  load and unload the camera.   coined one, wanting a distinctive name for    


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Transcribed from the 1983 Centennial Edition by : PR Massey

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