Greene County Arkansas

Paragould, AR

Centennial Edition



Compiled by H.H. Sickles, Photographer


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1. M.V. Camp, Physician 14. S. Bertig, Bookeeper, I. Less. 27. Capt. E.E. Stubbs, Champion wing shot of          the world.
2. C.E. McAnley, Physician 15. T.W. Crawford, at H.W. Glasscock's 28. F.M. Daulton, Events
3. T.H. Wyse, Merchant and Physician 16. A.P. Cox Collector, I. Less. 29. R.G. Williams, Miller
4. C. Wall, Physician 17. F.S. Scott, Salesman, Jackson & Co. 30. R.W. Ownsby, Blacksmith
5. T.A. Thorn, Physician 18. W.C. Jones, Commercial Hotel.. 31. H.L. Wyatt, Blacksmith
6. P.K. Parsons, Merchant and Physician 19. D. Johnson, Hotel 32. W.T. Douglass, Blacksmith
7. A.R. Kuykendall, Physician 20. V. Looney, Livery 33. G.W. Johnson, Messenger Southern Ex
8. ?.W. Crawford, Druggist 21. I.G. Smith, Constable 34. J.S. Camp, Printer
9. R.H. Rutledge, Merchant 22. F.S. White, Ex-sheriff 35. T.J. Looney, Livery
10. S.E. Meyer, Merchant 23. Jonas Eaker, J. P. 36. H.H. Sickels, Photographer
11. Richard Jackson, Merchant 24. L.L. Mack, attorney at Law 37. P.G. Bright, Assessor
12. H.F. Glasscock, Merchant 25. R.H. Gardner, Circuit Clerk 38. G.F. Johnson, Gainesville Nursery
13. A.D. Jackson, Merchant 26. W.T. Lee, Boot & shoe maker 39. T.R. Willcockson Sheriff

                                                                                                                                 courtesy of Fred Rogers

"H.H. Sickles (or Sickels) may have been Greene County's first resident photographer. This 100 year-old Gainesville Business Directory, which he compiled and in which he is included, is shown in its original size and irregular shape."

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Transcribed by: PR Massey

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