Greene County Arkansas

Paragould, Arkansas

Centennial Edition Section 3


Monday, August 29, 1983~Paragould Daily Press


Photo courtesy Talma Hayes


  Veterans of the Confederate Army     As best we can tell from the listings   Fourth row, left to right: W.C. Gramling,
living in Greene County in December   those in the top row, left to right, are:   Wright Weatherly, Charles Forsythe, Adam Yow,
1899 had their photographs taken        Henry Wood, J. W. Langley, A. B. Hays,
for this photo-montage.   T.J. Edwards, John McHaney, Andy Webb,   Bob Bolin, A. Walker, W. S. Pruett.
   The veterans were members of Co.    Dr. M.I. Meriwether, Wake Stuart,    
C. DeVeer Battalion-Kitchens Division   P.W. Moss, B.H. Crowley, R. H. Gardner,   Fifth row, Bob Rutledge, John Turner,
which participated in Price's Raid thro-    L. McHaney, A.C. Griffin.    Mr. McHaney, John Cravens, Dr. Burton,
ugh Missouri, Kansas and Indian Terr-       W. H. Waldron, John Clark, Smith Burton,
itory.   Second row, left to right: John Burnette,   Mr. Harkey, Jim Thompson, Isom Selta.
   They were returning home from Fort   A. Yarbrough, O. S. Newsom, John Lytle,    
Smith, according to information on the   Unidentified, Seth Peebles, William Marlowe,   Sixth row; Jim Douglas, A. T. Chaffin,
original.   N. R. Hampton, F. M. Daulton.   John Brinkley, Frank McLemore, Mr. Holcomb,
         Unidentified, Perry Hyde, W. W. Pate,
    Third row, left to right: Dr. Graham,   Francis Hyde, R.A. Cole.
    Mack Waddley, Professor R. S. Thompson,    
    W. T. Thorn, Dave Weaver, R. H. Courtney,   Seventh row: Bob Gilbert, Peter Reeves,
    I. C. Thompson, B.F. Bibbs, William   D. L. Fitzgerald. W. B. Harvey, J.R. Bratton,
    Weatherly, J. N. Johnson, John Slatton.   Houston Weatherly, John Osteen,W. H. Hellman,
         Gary Cole and Robert Pruett


Emily Alquest~Photographer

Transcribed from the 1983 Centennial Edition by : PR Massey

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