Greene County Arkansas

Paragould, Arkansas

Centennial Edition Section 4

     10- Section 4, Centennial Edition                                                                                                              Paragould Daily Press, Monday, August 29, 1983 


Cemetery Searching

1.   Pleasant Grove
2.   Ramer's Chapel
3.   Union Grove (1)
4.   Starnes
5.   St. Peter's
6.   Toelken
7.   Wright
8.   Providence
9.   Hooker
10. St. John's
11. Lafe
12. Hartsoe
13. Meadows Grove
14. Beliew
15. Jones Ridge
16. Bond
17. Beech Grove
18. Epsaba
19. Gainesville
20. New Friendship
21. New Liberty
22. Old Paris
23. Eaker
24. Detra
25. McKinley


26. Morrow
27. Flannery
28. Mtn. Home
29. Union Grove (2)
30. Fairview
31. Owens Chapel
32. Moore
33. Croft
34. Memorial Gardens
35. Clark
36. Reddick
37. Bertig
38. Crowley-Mattix
39. Warren's Chapel
40. Crowley Family
41. Honey
42. Pine Knot
43. Linwood
44. St. Mary's
45. Pruet's Chapel
46. Coffman
47. Parson
48. Crockett
49. Lansing-Cox
50. Brown's Chapel


51. New Bethel
52. Wood's Chapel
53. Finch
54. Liberty
55. Clark's Chapel
56. Winn
57. Widener
58. Old Bethel
59. Mt. Zion
60. Blackwood
61. Lamb
62. Cupp (Salem)
63. Pleasant Hill
64. Lorado
65. Crossroads
66. Shady Grove
67. Knight
68. Cudd
69. Harvey's Chapel
70. Shiloh
71. Center Hill
72. Nutt Family
73. Bracken
74. Burnett


   Back in the 1960s, the Rural Community Improvement Clubs of Greene County began charting the locations of the county's numerous cemeteries. Later, the Greene County Historical Society, under the leadership of Dr. C. W. Starnes, took up where the RCI Clubs had left off.
   This map, prepared by Starnes, indicates the locations of 74 cemeteries, including all major ones and even some with just a single grave. It is obviously, as Starnes noted, "the result of many years of searching and interviewing."
   Starnes, the last president of the historical society when it was still active 10 years ago, now lives in Birmingham, Ala. During his presidency the society published a number of updated cemetery censuses in its quarterly. "Unfortunately, I left before the project was even half com-pleted.  But it is my goal to eventually locate all of them, do updated censuses and publish them in a book," he said.
   While researching the cemeteries on the map, Starnes and others found or heard references to several other cemeteries or family plots that they have not yet been able to locate. That list included: Unity  (perhaps two unmarked cem-eteries known by that name), Howell, McDaniel, Hargroves, Cupp, Tenneson, Sig Island, Oak Grove, Clemens, Macy, Blooming Grove, Bratton, Lovell, Fender, Straughn's Chapel (also known as Baker-Stevenson and later Marvin Thompson Farm), Nutt-Ray and a second Lamb cemetery.
  The researchers had also heard that there might be a cemetery of graves on the J. T. Williams farm, which may have been known as Johnson Hill; graves on the W. I. Holland farm near Campground; a cemetery or graves on the Ellis Walls farm; a grave or graves on the Bud Stevenson farm; and an unmarked cemetery near Delaplaine, which may have been known as the Green Cemetery.
   Starnes has asked that any readers who may have heard anything about these cemeteries or graves write him at 4939 Coshatt Drive, Birmingham, Ala., 35244. He is particularly interested in any history of the cemeteries as well as specific directions so they can be located and added to the county map.
   Starnes also suggested that readers submit names, cemetery of burial, dates of birth and death, if available, of persons known to have no burial markers.



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