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Paragould, Arkansas

Centennial Edition Section 4

  Monday, August 29, 1983, Paragould Daily Press                                                                                                                        Section 4, Centennial Edition  -3


From Hospital to City Hall


Top Photo Left courtesy: Zula Loften                                                                                                                               Top Photo Right courtesy: H.L. Bogan
Lower Left courtesy: Daily Press/Bruce Moore                                                                                                Lower Photo Right: Daily Press/Bruce Moore
                                                                            Lower Photo Middle Photo courtesy: Talma Buchanan Hayes
                                                                                    ""Paragould Ark. Street Parade Fair Oct. 1902"

The Paragould Sanitarium opened its doors Feb. 1, 1909. (The original name is  featured in  the top  photo; the  boy in the  foreground,  Arthur Duckett, used his wagon to deliver take-in wash for his mother.)
Designed by its founder, Dr. Graham Dickson, it was called "the most beautiful  piece of  architecture in  Northeast  Arkansas and one of the prettiest sanitariums in the South" in its promotional catalog. The sani-tarium, renamed  Dickson  Memorial  Hospital in 1920,  closed when Community Methodist Hospital was completed in 1949. In 1950, city hall was moved into the old hospital building  and a few years later the city contracted H. L. Bogan to remove the top two floors, including the building's distinctive mansard roof. "They didn't have no use for them is the  only  reason I know."  explained Bogan, who  loaned the top right photo  showing the  start of  decapitation  work. "There wasn't nothing
wrong with the building. It was just more building than they needed," he
added. Above, city hall as we know it.
  When a  new No. 1  fire  station was built behind the old hospital in 1950, this fire bell came with it. Cast by the E. W. Van Duzen  Co. of  Cincinnatti  and  dated Dec. 16,  1896, it  was,  according to its  inscription, "presented  to  the  Paragould  Fire  Dep't  No. 1   BY  THE  CITIZENS,  R. W.  Meriwether, Pres't. J.B. Avera, Chief."


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