Six Inches of Snow on Ground Today

Paragould , Arkansas Monday, January 25, 1917

The heaviest snow that has fallen here in many years came last night , following a succession of flurries that began on Saturday. The snow this morning was at least six-inches deep . Saturday night the clouds indicated snow but a gale out of the north caused the temperature rose several degrees , and with this moderation the snow came. The thermometer this morning registered 18 degrees above zero.

Old time citizens who still follow the custom of relying upon the almanac prognostications say forecasts are for a dozen snow falls this winter. There have already been six falls. They also recall that on Feb. 2, 1886 , snow to a depth of 28 inches fell here. This is said to have been the heaviest snow fall ever seen in this section of Arkansas.

The weather forecast for tonight and tomorrow predicts continued cold and more snow flurries.

Transcribed by: Sandy Hardin

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