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Paragould, Arkansas,       Thursday, January 2, 1941


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C. Bryant Rodgers, Farmer of Near Leachville, Hangs Self With Shoestrings At City Hall

Coroner Ray Little, Who Investigated, Said It Was  A Case Of Suicide

Man was only one in the Jail Cell

C. Bryant Rodgers, aged 40, farmer residing two and a half miles northeast of Leachville, hanged himself with a shoestring noose at 10:20 last eveining in the front cell on the north side of the City Hall. Coroner Ray Little, who made an investigation, said it was a case of suicide. No inquest was held. No one was in the cell with the man at the time.

Ernest Cole made the discovery and called Night Patrolman Joe Barron, who cut the body down. Chief of Police Sam Hunt said that the man made a noose with his two heavy brown shoestrings, fastening a looped end around his neck and the other over a nail on the post of the bunk in the cell. The officer said that the man slumped down to tighten the noose and could have easily stood up and released the pressure.

Officer Hunt said he arrested the man at two o'clock yesterday afternoon on a charge of public intoxication.

Mr. Rodgers was a native of near Batesville, but had farmed in the Leachville area for many years. He is reported to hve tried to hang himself at his barn last summer, but was cut down before any injury ws done.

The body was removed to the Howard Funeral Parlor at Leachville and prepared for burial. Funeral arrangements are not known here.

Surviving are his widow, Mrs. Pearl Rodgers, seven children and several sisters and brothers, whose names were not known to our informant.


Charles L. Casebolt Is Victim of Long Illness

  Charles Lawrence Casebolt, aged 39, died at 5:15 Tuesday afternoon at the home of his brother, Floyd Casebolt, 407 South Fourth avenue, following an illness of several years.He was a native of Clay county.

Funeral services were conducted at 10 this morning from the New Friendship church and burial was made in the New Friendship Cemetery. The Rev. Mr. Meriwether of Holcomb, Mo. and the Rev. J. H. Holt officiated. Pall bearers were Forrest Waters, Molis Lewis, Luther Watson, James Brooks, Ed Dunn and Uskin Fahar.

Surviving are his father, Sandord Casebolt, two brothers, Floyd Casebolt of this city and Clarence Casebolt of route three and five sisters, Mrs. Irby Watson of Marmaduke,route three, Mrs. Roy Rodgerson of Flint, Mich., Mrs. Bill Thompson of Marmaduke, route three, Mrs. G. E. Francis of route three and Mrs. Mildred Hicks, of route three.




Asks Roosevelt        to Seek Peace

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Calling on America to settle her own problems before undertaking to solve those of others, Senator Burton K. Wheeler of Montana , leader of Senate isolation bloc demanded that President Roosevelt work for a negotiated peace. He's pictured above, in Washington, as he spoke to nation.


No Draftees Needed From County Now

    Thompson Says Medical Examinations For Registrants Ordered Stopped Today


Numbers Called After This Month Expected To Be Heavy,      Advices Say

     J. Sam Thompson, chief   clerk of the Green County Selevtive Service Board, announded today that the local board will not furnish any draftees for military training during the month of January. He said he had been advised officially that no Greene county men will be taken this month due, it was indicaated, in heavy enrollment of national guardsmen and inadequate housing facilities.                        Many camps where draftees would be housed, he said, have not been completed. When these have been finished, however, it is likely the reuest for draftees will be started in large numbers.

Medical examinations have been ordered stopped here until further notice. Thompson announced receipt of the following letter today from Lieut. Co. Chas. S. Garrett, Assistant Director of the State Selective Service Board of Little Rock:  "In view of the changes in the number of draftees to be called from this stae in January, Local Boards should cease all physical examinations until further advised by these headquarters." It was pointed out, however, that the Greene County Board has already given examinations and classified more than 100 in expectation that this number would have been called.             

Sources said the previously announded 1,000,000 to be in training by July will be in camps by that time, but now the Government is holding up inductions of new draftees until camps can be completed.


R.A.F. Blasts Bardia Port During Night

British Indicated As Preparing Other Offensives in African Campaign

ToBruk Next Base On British List

Bombings Centered On Landing Fields And Grounded Italian Planes

by: the Associated Press

Cairo, Jan. 2. -- R. A. F. bombers smashed at Bardia during the night an official communique announced today, but stilll there was no sign of all out Land, sea and air assaults continued on the East Libyan base from the Italian garrison which has held it for 17 days.  

In fact reporst from the western desert suggeested the British army might not wait to take Bardida before striking a the Italian base of Tobruk, west of Bardia and 80 miles inside Libya from the Egyptian frontier.

The R. A. F. dropped explosives on Bardia in a virtually blind atttack.

Derna, 175 miles within Libya, and Tmimi and Gazala in the Libyan part of the western desert were attacked Tuesday night. The bombings centeered on landing fields and four grounded Italian planes were destroyed.

British military circles in London said that the suggested Bardia fall was premature and the defense positions were on height between five and seven miles from the city.


Woman Says $41 Stolen from Purse

Mrs. Myrtle Cooper Of Near Marmaduke Says Money Was Taken Wednesday Evening

Mrs. Myrtle Cooper, who resided three miles southeast of Marmaduke, reported to Sheriff Paul Bratton this morning that $41 and some change was stolen from her purse, which was in the bottom of a trunk at her home, between six and seven o'clock last evening while she and other members of her family were visiting a sick neighbor. She missed the money this morning. She said the kitchen door was open they returned home last evening.


A camel has twice the carrying power of an ox.


Sea gulls break open shellfish by dropping them from a height onto rocks below.

Squire Bond Gets Early Experience

Less than 10 minutes after Justice of the Peace C. E. Bond took the oath of office at the courthouse here this morning, he was called upon to perform a marriage ceremony. Lonie Sowell and Miss Geneav Walker both of Paragould, presented themsleves before the new Justice of the Peace and were married.


Railway Men to Receive More Salary

Pay Increases Will Become Effective On March 1 Over Entire Nation

Missouri Pacific Will Have $385,000 Hike

Cotton Belt will Boost Payment to Employes Approximately $28,000

by: the Associated Press

Atlanta, GA., Jan. 2 -- Wages of 20 railroads operating wholly or partly in the South will increase approximately $4,450,000 annually after March 1. Wage and Hour Division of Department of Labor announced here today. Pay hikes will amount to $7,000.000 over the nation for 70,000 workers, the division report showed, but the larger share will go to the track ---------

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Beiglum contains 6370 miles of railways


Few Cases of Mumps Reported in City

Rufus D. Haynes, superintendent of the city schools said this morning a few cses of mumps were reported among students, but flu apparently is affecting only a small percentage.

Schools opened yesterday after the holidays with only about 10 per cent of the attendence out but that most of the absent students were described as those who had not returned from holidays. Today,  Haynes said the attendence was much better.

Only one teacher, Mrs. W. J. Stone is ill with the flu. He pointed out there is no indication that a flu epidemic will threaten the schools.

House Ends Session At 12:31 Today

New Congress Will  Convene Tomorrow At Noon For the  77th Session

Senate to close its session in morning.

Adjournment Is Only Formality As New Legislature Starts Work

by: the Associated Press

Washington, Jan. 2 ---- The House of the record-smashing 76th Congress adjourned its last session this afternoon but the Senate leadership called for a final meeting of the branch tomorrow.

House adjournment came at 12:31 p.m. CST,  365 days after this Congress opened its third session on January 3, 1940.

The Senate leadership determination to meet tomorrow technically added one more day to the session giving it an official hike of 367, as compared with previous longest session of 354 days in the World War years of 1917-18.

No more legislation, however could be enacted and most problems of defense, taxation, foreign policy, domestic economy and monetary questions passed over to the 77th Congress which comes into existence tomorrow at noon.


Guard Unit Moves to Camp By Motor

Little Rock, Jan. 2 -- The Arkansas Democrat said that the movement of the entire 153rd infantry, Arkansas National Guard to Camp Robinson by military vehicles and commerical buses was (?) today as a War Department experiment to determine its ability of transporting troops overland.

The regiment will start moving from home stations tomorrow about 7 a.m. and -- (the remainder of the article is unreadable).


Judge Lamb Will Observe Birthday

Judge N. F. Lamb of Jonesboro, dean of Craighead County Bar association and well known criminal lawyer will celebrate his eigthieth birthday annivesary tomorrow by playing host to members of the bar association at a six o'clock dinner at the Hotel M(?). Earlier in the afternoon E. L.   Weathercook(?) Sr. will hold open house in Judge Lamb's honor.


Decorations of Holiday Removed

Many local residents and business firms today began the year by cleaning up remnants of the old yesterday and today. Christmas decorations disappeared from many homes and Yuletide and New Year's displays were removed from store windows and streets.

City Light plant workmen were taking down the Christmas holiday lights in the down town business district today.


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