Greene County, Arkansas
"The News Letter"

     An issue of "The News Letter" dated October 11,1901 has been located. Perry W.Moss, Paragould, Arkansas, was listed as publisher. This issue was Volume 2, Number 52, measured 11" X 16", and contained ten pages of four columns. There was a small amount of European news,a lengthy article on Arkansas State news, several articles of happenings in other states, the County Court Docket, numerous personal items, one column of jokes, and enough advertisements to equal two pages. The "County Directory" included brief advertisements from nine establishments at Walcott, five at Lorado, five at Finch, six at Marmaduke and three at Crowley. One column was devoted to the "Programme for thr Grand Parade, and Reunion of Veterans and Sons of Veterans, Friday, Oct. 18, 1901." One front page iten headed "Possums and Coons" indicated plans for a good time.

         Constable Albert Jackson is preparing to give the old Confederate a "possum and coon stew in addition to the other good things on sight for the 18th, and he requests us to urge all the sons of the veterans in reach of town who have good goon and 'possum dogs, to get a move on themselves and bring in all the ring tail and marsupials they can capture, by noon on Thursday, the 17th. Bring them dressed and he will put them in cold storage until needed the next day. Now, somebody bring in the taters.           

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