Greene County, Arkansas

Paragould Daily Press

August 26, 2006


Tumblin Down.....

MARMADUKE - A piece of the Marmaduke skyline that had been a fixture for a little over 70 years came down late Wednesday.

The water tower, which stood 94 feet, six inches, was torn down Wednesday by Watson Construction Company in Rector.

The tower sustained a mysterious dent after the April 2 tornado.

Many in the community believe the dent was caused by a container car that was used to store a John Deere tractor. That car was found just feet from the tower in the front yard of a damaged home. The car was a few miles from its original location.

Marmaduke Mayor Nileane Drope said the tower went into service Nov. 6, 1935. It was erected by Chicago Bridge and Ironworks, and held 50,000-gallons.

Drope had said the tower was to come down early Thursday morning. However, at about 6 p.m. Wednesday workers went ahead and brought it down.

She said construction workers will cut up the tower over the next few days.

The tower would have come down sooner, but the city had to get approval from the Arkansas Historical Preservation Society as well as trial representatives from the Osage and Quapaw Nations to ensure historical lands were not going to be destroyed.

Staff Writer

Transcribed By: Sandy Hardin

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