Greene County, Arkansas Greene County, Arkansas --  Another Article March 1949 on Mr. Ferguson

From the Paragould newspaper March 18, 1949

"I don't know if I feel better or worse, I just want to die and get out of the way" .......... were the last words of George Ferguson, spoken to A. B. Holcomb, manager of the Greene County home, on Jan. 22. The following Wednesday, Jan 26, Ferguson died at the age of 78.

Ferguson came to Greene County from eastern Tennessee as a young man. He settled as a tenant farmer on the Alexander plantation where he worked for more than 40 years. He married and was the father of four daughters (addresses unknown). His wife preceded him in death. At seventy-five, worn out and penniless and suffering from a light stroke, Ferguson was taken to the Greene County Home (poor farm), Dec 2, 1946. From the date of his entry as an inmate Ferguson spent the remaining three years of his life in bed.

Ferguson's only known living relative is Frankie Forbus of Route 5, Paragould.

During the last six months Ferguson recieved a monthly visit from Dr. W.E. Ellington, county physican, and on different occasions he recieved the Nazarene, Baptist, and Pentecostal ministers who were reported to have made one voluntary visit apiece to the county home during this period.

The above photo of Ferguson was made just before Christmas 1948.

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